Reading Strategies and Connections

Decoding Strategies
Try sounding out the word.
Look for little words inside bigger words.
Look for parts that you know (-ed, -ing endings).

Follow the word with your finger and attempt to sound out each part as you progress through the word.

Read on. Skip the word and continue reading to the end of the sentence to see if you can guess the word.
Reread the sentence for sense.

Comprehension Strategies

1/ Visualizin
g - A reader forms a picture in their head of what they are reading.

2/ Making Predictions - A reader tries to determine what may reasonably happen based on what they've read so far.

3/ Asking Questions

Students ask questions before, during, and after reading. As they read and question what they are reading, they seek answers within the text, through making connections using prior knowledge and experience, and through coming to new understandings.  Questions continue to be asked and students become more deeply involved with what they are reading.

I wonder...?
What do I think is going to happen?
What am I going to learn?
Why did the author choose this title?
Why did the author write this?
When did the story take place?
Who is the story about?
Who is telling the story?

What do I think will happen next?
 How does the character feel?
Why did _________ happen?
 I wonder why _____________?
What would I do?
How is the problem going to be solved?
Do you think _______ should have ________?
Am I paying attention to the message?
What might happen if _______________?
Why is this information important?
Do I understand what the author is saying?

How did I feel when...?
What was my opinion of...?
When the author said____, I wondered...?
What was the main idea?
Do I know someone like...?
What would have happened if...?
Do I agree with what the author said?
What might happen if_________?
What do I still need to find out?
Why is this information important?
Do I understand what the author wants to say?

Making Connections (Background Knowledge and Prior Experience)

Text to Text
Text to Self
Text to World

The reader "reads between the lines" to bring meaning to what they have read. 

Transforming (Coming to new understandings.)

The reader combines background knowledge and prior experience with the knowledge gained from their reading to come to new understandings and insights.