Academy Street School Psychologist

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About The School Psychologist

School Psychologist: Sebastien Saylor, PsyD

Academy Street Elementary School

School Phone: 472-7850x1006

     Dr. Saylor has been working at Academy Street Elementary School since 
September 2002.  He earned his Masters of Arts and Certificate of Advanced 
Graduate Study in School Psychology from Tufts University and earned his 
Doctor of Psychology degree from Hofstra University in 2008.

What does the school psychologist do?

For those of you who are unsure of what a school psychologist's duties are...
          - Dr. Saylor assesses students for possible disabilities 
          - Consults with teachers regarding student behavior and academics 
          - Supports students through group and individual counseling
          - Consults with parents regarding student behavior and academics
          - Consults with Educational Support Team (EST) to implement school-
            based supports for struggling students
          - Coordinates special education services at Academy Street School
          - Assists students in resolving conflicts
          - Works with typically functioning students to help make   
            sure that all students are included in group games and activities

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