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STEP1. The first thing you will need to do in your group is decide which 
role each person is going to take. 

STEP2. Once this is decided, go to your individual role pages to get 
further instructions and web pages for your role.  You will have to keep a 
journal of all the information you gather in your role that will be turned 
in at the end with your itinerary.

STEP3. Once everyone has compiled their information, you will gather back 
together as a group and discuss what exactly your money will be spent on.  
You need to make sure you have a mode of transportation to your destination, 
a place to stay, money for food, and things to do (activities).  You cannot 
go over your assigned budget, so some tough choices may need to be made.

STEP4. After you have decided what exactly you will spend your money on, 
you will need to write up an itinerary.  This must include all the things in 
step three.  Make sure to have the prices listed and a grand total for your 

STEP5. You will then need to develop a presentation to give the Mom and 
Dad (as well as the class).  It can be whatever you want, some examples are 
a power point presentation, a commercial, persuasive speech, etc.