Here are the state standards that you will be addressing during this project:

Standard Area ELA: English Language Arts 
Standard ELA1: Language for Information and 
Students will read, write, listen, and speak for information and 
Listening and Reading  
Key Idea ELA1.LR1: 
Listening and reading to acquire information and understanding involves 
collecting data, facts, and ideas; discovering relationships, concepts, and 
generalizations; and using knowledge from oral, written, and electronic 
Speaking and Writing  
Key Idea ELA1.SW2: 
Speaking and writing to acquire and transmit information requires asking 
probing and clarifying questions, interpreting information in one's own 
words, applying information from one context to another, and presenting the 
information and interpretation clearly, concisely, and comprehensibly. 

Standard Area MST: Math, Science & Technology 
Standard MST3: Mathematics 
Students will understand mathematics and become mathematically confident by 
communicating and reasoning mathematically, by applying mathematics in real-
world settings, and by solving problems through the integrated study of 
number systems, geometry, algebra, data analysis, probability, and 

Number and Numeration  

Key Idea MST3.NN2: 
Students use number sense and numeration to develop an understanding of the 
multiple uses of numbers in the real world, the use of numbers to 
communicate mathematically, and the use of numbers in the development of 
mathematical ideas.