Global History & Geography 10

December 5

- Happy Birthday Martin Van Buren 

Tests and Quizzes:

Absolutism in Asia  Thursday/Friday
- I need documents and charts from some students.

- 5 Pillars of Islam GH-10-5-Pillars-Revisted-1.docx (see the back of the movie response for a reading on Wahhabism)?
- See Google Classroom for the China and Japan Exit ticket or see GH-10-China-and-Japan-Exit-ticket.docx?
- 2nd China and Japan notes?
- China and Japan map?
- Balancing Liberty and Order assignment?

-China review ?
- Crowns?
- Electoral College/Mandate of Heaven do now?

Unit PowerPoint Presentations:
Absolutism in Asia:
Absolutism in China and Japan 2 (turned in)
Absolutism China and Japan 1 
QintoMing.ppt (Use for China review)

Use the online text for readings on the Ottomans

The Rise of ISIS
Confronting ISIS
Ming and Qing China (Forbidden City documentary)