Global History & Geography 10

September 27


Tests and Quizzes:
Intro. unit "quiz" Thursday and Friday.  
* There will be multiple choice questions, map identifications, and a in-class essay.  You will have two class periods to complete this quiz.
You are to use the chart/organizer you fill out for homework to write the essay.  The chart will be checked TOMORROW for a grade and collected with your essay for a second grade.

Use the online text, borrow an old text, or check out the 9th grade videos under "Video Footage" to find information on the impact that geography has had on history.

 World Religions chart GH-10-Religions-Chart.docx due Thursday.  
Aung San Suu Kyi exit ticket?
Map assignment?
- Name that Event in World History?

- Timeline assignment GH-10-Intro-timeline2.docx ?

Unit PowerPoint Presentations: