Global History & Geography 9

June 12

Last day of school before Common Core!


- Please return your textbooks in the designated collection spot.
- Final exam Wednesday, June 18th, 12:00 in the GYM - black or blue ink only
* Final exam = 45 multiple choice questions and a DBQ on Chinese inventions and their impact on world history.
- Final exam review every Tuesday and Friday. CHECK THE REVIEW LINK ON THE WEBSITE.  Watch the videos! Remember to study the review packet.
- Study each theme systematically.  For example, see Geo-on-the-Ancient-and-Class-World.docx .
- All late work will be accepted until the end of the regular school year for partial credit.

Tests and Quizzes:
- Asia 500 - 1500 test?
- End of the year unit social studies vocab. quiz?

- Golden Ages Stages GH-9-China-Golden-Age-Stage-2.doc?
- Bridge assignment Bridge-assign-new.docx?
- Vietnam Wars response?

Unit PowerPoints:


Review Footage: