Global History & Geography 10

October 26

-Please note the changes....

Tests and Quizzes:
Maya, Aztec, Inca quiz?

Movie Response sheet - see Mankind: Treasure under "Video Footage"?
Columbian Exchange assignment will be collected Monday
-  We will write the essay in class on MONDAY.
*The essay, docs., and chart will be graded.
- Regents questions are due Tuesday.
- Word of the Week lists will be collected all next week.
The Age of Exploration note packet?
- Age of Exploration Concise Illustrated History?
Age of Exploration map?

Unit PowerPoint Presentations:

Age of Exploration:
Maya, Aztec, Inca
Age of Exploration
World on the Eve of the Ascendancy of the West (use this presentation to complete the Illustrated History of the Age of Exploration)