Global History & Geography 9

November 7

- Next Monday, November 13th is the last day to hand in late work for the 1st quarter.
- Turn your word of the week lists in by Thursday.
- I'm staying after Thursday.

Tests and Quizzes:
- River Valleys test?
- Geography essay graphic organizer for partial credit.

- Globalization assignment due next Thursday (see Classroom)
- Review vocab. assignment?
- Turn in your word of the week lists.
-India notes and map?
- Hammurabi's court?
WARter in the Modern Middle East see Google Classroom?
- Golden Age questions?
- Egypt notes?
- Map assignment (maps not linked)?
- Name that Economic System?  See me for a response sheet.
- Neolithic Revolution Partial Outline ?

Unit PowerPoints:
Ancient World:
- Ancient World Anchor
- Egypt 1
- Egypt 2
- New Kingdom Egypt: A Golden Age (Use to complete the Golden Age questions)
- Mesopotamia
- Mesopotamia Images (use for Hammurabi activity)
- Introduction to South Asia (see Google Classroom)

- China: Geography
- Ancient China

- Chapters 2 (sections 1 -4) and 3(sections 1 and 4)

Video Footage:
- River Valley Civilizations review (start third video over)
- Jared Diamond's Collapse
- Egypt Engineering an Empire (we watched the 1st 12 mins. for the Egypt I notes that were collected)
- Short video on the Aswan High Dam (different from what was watched in class)