Global History & Geography 10

February 5

If you would like to look at your mid-term please set up an appointment with me.
- Class participation is out of 40 for the 3rd quarter - 20 for the 1st 5 weeks and 20 for the 2nd 5 weeks.

Holocaust essay writing contest. Prizes = "cash mo mo" - $250 1st prize!
- June Global History exam review every Tuesday

Tests and Quizzes: 
We will write the Scientific Revolution/Enlightenment Thematic GH-10-Enlight-Sci-Rev-Thematic.docx?

-What's the Answer and Why?
Foundations of the Enlightenment homework?
- Scientific Revolution/Enlightenment Thematic graphic organizer?

Unit PowerPoint Presentations:

- Scientific Revolution - Enlightenment


p. 72 - 76 and p. 180 - 194.

- Newton video