Global History & Geography 10

January 11

- All back work is due and "everyting" needs to be fixed by Monday January, 30.
Global History 10 mid-term, Tuesday, January 24 at 8:00 AM in the Gym
- Review TODAY and next Tuesday after school: 2:30 - 3:00: see the review link! I am willing to hold extra review sessions on Thursdays.  Any takers?

Tests and Quizzes:
England Parliamentary Democracy quiz?
- Mid-year word of the week quiz this Friday, January 13

- Word of the week lists and review assignment due Friday
- English Bill of Rights assignment?
- Regents 2 questions?
Peter the Great and Louis XIV movie response GH-10-Louis-XIV-and-Peter-Movie.docx?  See the two clips on Louis and Peter under video footage...

Unit PowerPoint Presentations:
England: Parliamentary Democracy 

p. 154 - 161

English Reformation