Global History & Geography 9

December 22


- New vocab. word today!

- Mid-term: Tuesday, January 27 at 8 AM in the Café.  The mid-term like the final is cumulative.  Review classes will be held after the winter break.

- Mid year Unit Social Studies Vocab. quiz in late January.

Tests and Quizzes:

- Classical Mediterranean foundations quiz?

- The Greek achievements DBQ is now a take-home essay.   We will collect this Tuesday after the winter break.  The scaffolding questions (use complete sentences), the chart, and the essay (cite the documents) will all be graded.  These essays should be about 40 minutes long.


- Classical Mediterranean Govt. Story boards for late credit.  Please be sure to write your name on the section you were responsible for.

Unit PowerPoint Presentations:

Classical-Civilization-Introduction.ppt (Requirement for the next binder check)





Chapter 4 and 5

Review Footage: