Global History & Geography 9

May 19


- New vocab. word yesterday

- Global History 9 final exam: Monday, June 15 in the Cafeteria at 8 AM.

- Review classes will be held Mondays after school. 

- Please study the review packet and watch the review videos

Tests and Quizzes:

- East Asia and the Mongols test Thursday.

- The end of the year Unit Social Studies Vocab. quiz will be given the first week of June.

- Russia questions: Russia-Quiz.docx. There will be an alternative exit ticket for those of you who missed these questions.

- In class Africa DBQ? Complete the documents for partial credit.


- Vietnam Wars short response due today!

- Bridge assignment Bridge-assign-new.docx due Thursday.

- China Golden Ages Stages GH-9-China-Golden-Age-Stage-2.doc ?

Unit PowerPoint Presentations: 


QintoMing.ppt (use for China Golden Ages Stages)