About Mrs. Fuller

Math is Awesome!
Room:  GB5
   I am very excited to meet everyone.  I would like you to know a little about me.  I start working in Chatham Middle School in 1999 as the straight eighth grade teacher.  Since then I have tried my hand at teaching in Hawaii, beautiful place but teaching there was an adventure.  I also took two and a half years off to care for my children.  I have two Mykaela and Alexia.  They, if you haven't noticed from all the pictures in my room, are my pride and joy.  Mykaela is currently 8 and is our success story, she is a Medulloblastoma survivior (that is a type of brain cancer) and Alexia is our salvation since she was born within Mykaela getting chemo treatments, she tends to bring a smile to everyone's face and pushes her sister to do a lot.  I have a wonderful Husband who also teaches, he however teaches Science.  We have two dogs, Logan, who is a handful and very energetic and Lady, a rescue dog that has been a great friend for the girls and Logan.  (The two of them often chase one another around the house.) 
This is the family (before Lady):
100_1741.jpg ChildCancerRibbonMagnet.jpg