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eBoard is a wonderful way for administrators to post information for faculty or for teachers to post information online about their classes.

URL ~ http://www2.eboard.com/eboard/servlet/IndexLoginServlet

To view a personal tour of eBoard, click on "tour eboard" in the orange background color underneath the "Create an eBoard" link before proceeding with this tutorial.

Click on "Create an eBoard" 30 day free trial

Type in your e-mail address twice for valid verification.

Click on "I accept the user agreement."

Click on "continue" link

Create and enter a name for your eBoard.

Create and enter a "read" password consisting of numerals and letters of the alphabet.

Create and enter a different "admin" password to alter, update, or change your eBoard content at any time.


Once you have complete these requirements, you will enter your eBoard home page. As you can see, you may begin to enter content on your notes and add several notes by clicking on the "add a note" at the top right corner of the screen below.

When you add a note, you can type in a new title for the note. As you can see, you have many similar functions as Microsoft Word to allow you to enter your content with ease. You may click on the "tips" in red text to help you with problems entering and saving your data.

You may click on "Tab 1" to switch information and rename your tabs to suite your specific content needs. These notes may be use for class assignments, homework information and updates, and class information. You may add attachments and allow teachers or students to e-mail you from your notes. You may also change your passwords and keep records of visits to your eBoard from staff or students.

A sample of a detailed eBoard illustrating the many capabilities of effective and professional communication to staff or students.

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