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Ronald J. Gorsky

The 2013-2014 school year brings new ideas, new hope and a renewed energy to build upon our success. Many more students and families have joined our school this year with a wonderful opportunity to earn their diploma.

I call upon each of you to get involved in our school activities. Joining the PTA, attending parent workshops and seminars, fundraising, or calling and visiting the school, are just a few of the ways to help us - help your child.

Concord High School is the school of choice for many families looking for a small, supportive environment. Thank you for your ongoing support for our school.

Together we are making a difference!

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Message from the Principal

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Dear Parents/Guardians:

It is with great pleasure and pride that I welcome you to the Concord High School family.

I believe we have an outstanding opportunity to affect the lives of our children. Together with your support, we can make a difference.

This website provides valuable information that will guide you through your child's education at Concord. It outlines the standard conduct expected in our community which requires respect for oneself, one's peers, staff, parents and the environment.

Thank you for having the confidence in Concord to inspire, motivate and educate your child. We have an outstanding, caring and supportive faculty who are always available to talk or meet with you to discuss your child's progress.

Together we will celebrate success. Let's make it happen.

Ronald J. Gorsky, Principal


We Received Another A!
Staten Island's Best Kept Secret!
•We received another “A” on our Progress Report.
•This is our 6th “A” in a row!!!!!

See how we are doing!
School Data and Achievement
Here is a link to our school statistics

Concord in the News!
Staten Island's Breast Cancer Walk will draw thousands Sunday
Members of Concord High School's team at last year's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk were among thousands of participants. Clove Lakes Park Sunday is expected to host thousands again for the 2012 event.

Concord in the News!
Finding a better path to a HS diploma...and beyond: Concord High School has evolved into a 'life-changer'
At Concord High School earlier this month, students chatted with college and career recruiters, mapping out plans for what they would like to do after graduation.

Concord in the News!
School turned lost teen into productive student
Principal Ronald Gorsky and his staff at Concord High School saved our son.
Letter by: RALPH and DIANE MARRA

Concord in the News!
How Concord High School continues to earn 'A's from Department of Education
At Concord High School, the teachers do more than just impart lessons to their students – they serve as their partners, too.

Concord in the News!
Anti-Smoking Filmfest
Staten Island high school students created anti-smoking videos as part of the Staten Island Kids Against Tobacco Campaign, launched by Dr. Cynthia Wong, associate program director of medicine at Richmond University Medical Center, West Brighton.

Glenn Ladner, a media arts teacher at Concord High School, assigned this project to his class. This year, three teams were selected to showcase their work at the film festival.

Concord in the News!
At Staten Island's Concord HS, the fourth 'R' is relaxation
As part of a scientific experiment on mind training, the teenagers, who often come to Concord from troubled backgrounds, sat calmly for three minutes at the start of their fourth-period class. The test was to see whether brief bouts of meditation can help relieve anxiety among students who are normally cramming for exams and homework while juggling the stresses of family life.

Concord in the News!
Infant Simulators
Students at Concord High, using infant simulators, learn that parenting is not an easy task


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