Parent Information

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to a brand new school year!  This letter is to let you know some important things about 
eighth grade English. 

I have important and helpful information on my teacherweb site that would be beneficial for you to 
look at.  Please do so at your earliest convenience and check it weekly.  I post homework 
assignments, vocabulary lists, extra credit, helpful links and documents. This is also a good place to 
check when your child is absent from school to see what they missed.  Here is the link:

Please check your child’s assignment book and grade record on a regular basis.  They should be filled 
out completely every week.  This is another way for you to keep current about what your child is 
doing in my class.

Required Materials for ELA
*Pencils and blue or black pens- both needed EVERY DAY!
   I require the use of a blue or black pen for quizzes and tests.
*Loose-leaf paper
*Binder with a section specifically for English 
*Vinyl folder with deep pockets that will stay in the classroom

Suggested Materials for ELA
	     		 These are not required, but come in handy
*Small  enclosed pencil sharpener
* 12 inch ruler
*3x5 index cards
*Post-it notes of varying sizes
*Paperback dictionary: Webster’s New World Dictionary is a good choice
Grades: All students will receive a numerical 5 week and 10 week grade.  All students will have a 
minimum of 10 grades total per quarter and are expected to keep track of their grades and averages 
on their grade record.  All students will be required to earn 10 AR points per quarter.  All students 
will take a final exam at the end of the year. 

Quarterly averages will be based on some of these following things:
Quizzes, tests, essays, letters, notes, AR, individual projects, presentations, assignment books, 
worksheets, posters, collages, reading assignments, group projects, vocabulary and spelling 

Grades will be computed at the five and ten week mark each quarter.  I do not send home notification 
of grades at other times during the quarter.  If you have concerns about your child’s grade please 
follow these steps:
 -Talk to your child and ask how they think they are doing in English
-Review his or her grade record 
-Check their assignment book daily or weekly.  It should NOT be blank.  Specific assignment should 
be clearly noted in each line for each class.

You can contact me at, or 679-1581 ext. 2319.
Thank you in advance for helping to make this a great school year!

Kara Christina
8th grade English
SADD advisor
Hillbilly Hotwire advisor