Special Features

Hi there!
Welcome to Mrs. Greenough's Website!

Have you noticed all the features on TeacherWeb?  It's more than just a homework post.  I have extra credit opportunities, a link to the AR site, a blog for parents, online review games, a link to this week's spelling words, and even help for your poor, messy binder!

Parents can also sign up for the News Flash to receive text messages or email reminders of important announcements (upcoming tests, supply reminders, etc.).  Extra credit (5 points) will be awarded to students whose parents sign up until 9/30/2012!

Of course, homework assignments are posted here too!  If you are focused and working hard, your LA assignments should rarely take more than 15 minutes.  Reading assignments for Literature vary in length, but I try to keep them to 15 minutes or less.  If you are a very slow reader, it might take a little longer.  Usually we start these assignments in class, and you are just finishing up for homework.  I always break projects down into parts so you won't have to cram everything into one night--I know many of you are busy with football, dance, or music events and other activities (so am I)!

Students and parents, I look forward to a wonderful year working together!  Visit TeacherWeb again soon!

Mrs. Greenough