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Grades 5-8 Course Information

5th Grade Computers:
   Every 5th grader takes 10 weeks (1 qtr.) of Computers. Throughout the 
quarter the students use Microsoft Office WORD 2010 to master the alphabet 
keys on the keyboard, learn proper posture and techniques while typing, 
create documents, and to open and save documents to their own network folder. 
Lessons and discussions about "Internet Safety" are part of this class.

6th Grade Computers:
   All 6th graders take 10 weeks (1 qtr.) of computer education. These 
students have already mastered the keyboard and are ready for "the next 
level" of computer instruction. Microsoft Office 2010 WORD, EXCEL, and POWER 
POINT are all used in this course. Throughout the quarter the students learn 
to format various documents using WORD; format spreadsheets, formulas, and 
charts using EXCEL; and create slide-show presentations using POWER POINT. A 
review of "Internet Safety" issues is also conducted. 

7th Grade Computers:
   Every 7th grade student takes 10 weeks (1 qtr.) of Computers. At this 
level of computer education, the 7th graders are ready for the more advanced 
level and features of Microsoft Office 2010 WORD, EXCEL, POWER POINT, and 
other web-based computer programs available in today's "technology-based 
world". Critical issues concerning "Internet Safety" are part of the 7th 
grade curriculum. 

8th Grade Careers:
   All 8th graders take 10 weeks (1 qtr.) of Careers. Career exploration is 
the main focus of this course. All students participate in and complete an  
in-depth Job Shadow Project in which they actually shadow a worker in a 
career area of interest, research the career and type a report highlighting 
all aspects of the job. They also create a visual to go along with the report 
and present it to the class. A unit on "Finding and Applying for a Job" is 
another real-world feature of this course. This simulation project has 
students preparing their own resumes, cover letters, and job applications. 
Every student also has a face-to-face "mock" interview. These topics and MORE 
are explored in Careers class! This practical, real-life course helps prepare 
students for success in the world of work!

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