Q:  What is ESL?  What is TESOL?

A:  ESL stands for English as a Second Language, a program designed to help students who are learning English.  TESOL is another name for ESL.  It stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Q:  What are the levels of ESL?

A:  There are three levels of ESL.  Click on the levels below to learn about the kinds of curricula that we use in each level of English proficiency.




Q:  How long should a student be in ESL?

A:  The time it takes each student to become proficient in English varies.  A student is usually in the ESL program at our school for at least three years.  Six years is the maximum time that ESL services are supported by the New York State Department of Education.  It is not a problem for students to be in the ESL program for many additional years.  It is more important that ESL students are learning to read and write, and are doing well in school than to look at the years of support they receive.

Q:  Where can I learn more about ESL?

A:  The best place to learn all about ESL and bilingual education programs is on the New York State Department of Education's website.
and here: