Quarter 1 Assignments

Sept. 9 - 13Please have social studies supplies by Wednesday. Complete the vocabulary sheet: Geography and Native Americans. Due Friday. No homework.
Sept. 16 - 20Finish "Regions" reading and worksheet. Due Wednesday. Map Quiz on Friday: 20 of the states EAST of the Mississippi River.  Study for map quiz. Unit test: Geography & Native Americans next Friday. Review sheet for unit test due on Thursday, Sept 26.
Sept. 23 - 27Unit test on Friday. Review sheet due on Thursday. Finish classwork for homework and hand in tomorrow.  Review sheet due tomorrow. StudyStudy. Bring a pen and pencil to class tomorrow.Complete the vocabulary sheet: Age of Exploration. Due Tuesday. Please clean out your binder of all materials related to the unit, Geography & Native Americans. Save vocabulary sheet and review sheet at home!
Sept. 30- Oct. 4Vocabulary sheet: Age of Exploration due tomorrow.Textbook: read pages 17-22 and answer the 4 Reading Check Questions. Due Thursday. Textbook: read pages 23-27 and answer the 4 Reading Check Questions. Due Tuesday. 
Oct. 7 - 11Pages 23-27 and 4 RCQs due tomorrow.Columbus Reading and organizer due tomorrow.Finish the Columbus documents packet. Due tomorrow. Review sheet due Wednesday, Oct. 16. Test on Thursday, Oct. 17. Work on the review sheet; due Wednesday. Unit test on Thursday, Oct. 17.
Oct. 14 - 18 Columbus Day. No school.Review sheet due tomorrow.Study for tomorrow's test.Complete the vocabulary sheet: Colonial Settlements; due tomorrow.Clean out your binder of all Age of Exploration materials.
Oct. 21 - 25Read "Nova Britannia" and answer the questions on the back. Due tomorrow. Textbook: read pages 92-97 and answer the 4 RCQs; due Thursday. Textbook: read pages 98-102 and answer the 4 RCQs; due Tuesday.Extra Credit: Complete all questions on the Passenger Lists worksheet; due Monday.
Oct. 28 - Nov. 1 Complete the "13 British Colonies" map using the directions on the back. Due tomorrow.Textbook: read pages 103-108 and answer the 5 RCQs; due Monday.Happy Halloween! Be safe! Have fun!5 RCQs due on Monday - see Thursday 10/30 for details. Quiz on Colonial Settlements Thursday, Nov. 7.
Nov. 4 - 8 Open notebook quiz Thursday. StudyNo School for studentsStudy for tomorrow's quiz - bring your binder to class to check your answers.Vocabulary sheet: Life in the Colonies due Tuesday, Nov. 12End of 1st Quarter