Quarter 1 Assignments

Sept. 1 - 5Labor Day  Bring in a photo of you somewhere in Smithtown for our bulletin boardUS map quiz - states EAST of the Mississippi River; next Friday
Sept. 8 - 12Please bring in your photo. Map quiz Friday on the states EAST of the Mississippi River.Please read and sign (parent/guardian too) the Social Studies letter.Vocabulary sheet: Geography and Native Americans due Monday. Study for Friday's quiz.Study for tomorrow's map quiz.Vocabulary sheet: Geography & Native Americans due on Monday.
Sept. 15 - 19Text: Read pages 4-9 and answer the 4 Reading Check Questions; to be collected and graded Wednesday.RCQs due tomorrowRead and answer the questions on the handout, "Native Americans"; due tomorrow. Meet the teacher night 7pmText: Read pages 10-16 and answer the 4 RCQs; due Tuesday.RCQs due Tuesday.
Sept. 22- 26RCQs due tomorrow.Review sheet for unit test: Geography and Native Americans, due Monday Sept. 29. Test is on Tuesday.Work on the review sheet; due Monday.Rosh Hashanah. No schoolRosh Hashanah. No school
Sept. 29 - Oct. 3Study for tomorrow's unit test.Please clean out your binder of all Geography and Native American materials. Save the vocabulary sheet, review sheet, the unit test (when it is returned), and any other materials you want. Vocabulary sheet: Age of Exploration is due Thursday.Vocabulary sheet is due tomorrow.Textbook: Read pages 32-37 and answer the 4 Reading Check Questions; due Tuesday. 
Oct. 6 - 10  Text: Read pages 50-53 and answer the 3 Reading Check Questions; due Thursday. Finish the Columbus documents. Review sheet for Age of Exploration due next Thursday. Unit test Friday, October 17.Half day for all students
Oct. 13 - 17Columbus DayReview sheet due Thursday. Test is on Friday.Review sheet due tomorrow. STUDY.STUDY. Unit test tomorrow.Vocabulary sheet: Colonial Settlements due Tuesday. Clean out your binder of the Age of Exploration materials.
Oct. 20 - 24Vocabulary due tomorrow. Finish "The Lost Colony" - due tomorrow.Text: Read pages 78-82 and answer the 4 RCQs; due Thursday. Read and answer questions on "The Real Deal"; due tomorrow.No homework.
Oct. 27 - 31 Text: Read pages 92-97 and answer the 4 RCQs; due Wednesday Complete planning page for tomorrow's Jamestown extended responseText: Read pages 98-102 and answer the 4 Reading Check Questions; due MondayHappy Halloween!
Nov. 3 - 7Text: Read pages 103-108 and answer the 5 Reading Check Questions; due Wednesday.Supt. Conference Day. No school for studentsText: Read pages 109-115 and answer the 5 Reading Check Questions; due Friday. Review sheet for Colonial Settlements is due next Thursday. The test is Friday, November 14.