Quarter 1 Assignments

Aug 31 - Sept. 4  Welcome! Bring all supplies to class by Friday.Bring in a photo of you somewhere in Smithtown for our bulletin boardUS map quiz - states EAST of the Mississippi River; next Friday
Sept. 7 - 11Labor DayRegions of the US due Thursday. Bring photo by 9/17. Study for map quiz.Regions of the US due tomorrow. Study for map quiz.Study for tomorrow's map quiz.Vocabulary sheet: Geography & Native Americans due on Thursday, 9/17; photo due by 9/17.
Sept. 14 - 18No schoolNo schoolVocabulary sheet is due tomorrow.Textbook: Read pages 10-16 and answer the 4 RCQs; due Tuesday. 
Sept. 21 - 25pages 10-16 and 4 RCQs due tomorrow.Review sheet for unit test: Geography and Native Americans, due TuesdaySept. 29. Test is on Wednesday.No schoolContinue working on the review sheet; due Tuesday.Review sheet due Tuesday; test is Wednesday.
Sept. 28 - Oct. 2Review sheet is due tomorrow; test is Wednesday.StudyVocabulary sheet: Age Exploration due Friday. Please clean out your binder of all Geography and Native American materials; save the vocabulary sheet and any other papers you think will be useful. Vocabulary due tomorrow. Quiz: states west of the Mississippi River is next Wednesday.Text: read pages 17-22 and answer the 4 Reading Check Questions; due Tuesday. Map quiz Wednesday.
Oct. 5 - 9 Text: pages 17-22 and 4 RCQs due tomorrowText: Read pages 32-37 and answer the 4 RCQs; due Thursday. Map quiz tomorrow.RCQs due tomorrowText: Read pages 50-53 and answer the 3 RCQs; due tomorrow. Review sheet:Age of Exploration is due Wednesday, Oct. 14. Age of Exploration unit test is Thursday, Oct. 15.Review sheet for Age of Exploration is due Wednesday 10/14. Test is Thursday.
Oct. 12 - 16Columbus DayReview sheet due tomorrow.StudyChristopher Columbus reading and worksheet due MondayColumbus reading and worksheet due Monday
Oct. 19 - 23Worksheet: "Introduction: How do I get started?" write the introduction to the DBQ essay by writing the setting of the Age of Exploration. Use the list we created in class on Friday (you don't have to rewrite it in the box) to help you create at least 3 sentences for the setting. Due tomorrow. Essay writing in class tomorrow. Bring: pens (black or blue ink), DBQ packet, Introduction worksheet, Argumentative Essay Graphic Organizer, DBQ GuidelinesVocabulary: Colonial Settlements due Friday. Please clean out your binder of the Age of Exploration unit materials.Vocabulary due tomorrow.Read "Voyages to the New World" and answer the questions on the back; due Monday.
Oct. 26 - 30Text: Read pages 92-97 and answer the 4 RCQs; due Wednesday. Text: Read pages 98-102 and answer the 4 Reading Check Questions; due Friday.  
Nov. 2 - 6Jamestown Packet: write your conclusion; due Wednesday No homeworkCheck the gradebook for missing assignments; must be in tomorrow.Finish classwork: William Bradford at Plymouth; due Monday.