Quarter 1 Assignments

Sept. 5 - 9Labor DayWelcome! Bring in or email to me by Friday a photo of you for our bulletin board.US map quiz- states EAST of the Mississippi River is Friday, Sept 16.  
Sept. 12 - 16Vocabulary Sheet: Geography & Native Americans is due on Wednesday Study for the map quiz.Study.Finish the hand out, "Interaction Between People and the Environment".
Sept. 19 - 23Read, "New York During Indian Times" and complete the worksheet. Due tomorrow.Text: Read pages 10-14 and answer the 4 Reading Check Questions. Due Thursday.RCQs due tomorrow. Review sheet: Geography & Native Americans is due on Monday 9/26. Unit test is Tuesday 9/27.Review sheet due Monday. StudyReview sheet due Monday. Study
Sept. 26 - 30Test postponed to Wednesday. Bring your review sheet tomorrow. StudyTest is Wednesday; bring a pencil and pen StudyQuiz: States WEST of the Mississippi River is moved to Wednesday October 5.Practice identifying states in the West. Clean out your binder of Geography & Native Americans Unit; keep vocabulary sheet, review sheet answers.study for Wednesday's quiz on the states west of the Mississippi River
Oct. 3 - 7Rosh Hashanah. No SchoolRosh Hashanah. No School Text:Use pages 256-261 to complete #1 (define and/or explain 12 vocabulary terms) in the Section 1 Review on page 261. Due tomorrow.No homework
Oct.10 - 14Columbus Day. No schoolRead the handout, "The Electoral College" and answer the questions on the back. Due Thursday.Yom Kippur. No SchoolWorksheet: Checks & Balances, both sides. Due tomorrow.Make sure you understand the government concepts we've been discussing in class. Suggestion: Reread handouts for The Constitution unit.
Oct. 17 - 21Text: Read pages 284-289 and answer the 5 Reading Check Questions; due Wednesday.Unit Test: The Constitution on Tuesday, October 25. Review sheet due on Monday.work on review sheet.work on review sheet.Review sheet due on Monday; the test is Tuesday. Study.
Oct. 24 - 28Study for tomorrow's test.No homework.   
Oct. 31 - Nov. 4     
Nov. 7 - 11 Supt. Conference Day. No school for students. End of Quarter 1.Veteran's Day. No School