Quarter 1 Assignments

Sept. 5 - 9Labor DayWelcome! Bring in or email to me by Friday a photo of you for our bulletin board.US map quiz- states EAST of the Mississippi River is Friday, Sept 16.  
Sept. 12 - 16Vocabulary Sheet: Geography & Native Americans is due on Wednesday Study for the map quiz.Study.Finish the hand out, "Interaction Between People and the Environment".
Sept. 19 - 23Read, "New York During Indian Times" and complete the worksheet. Due tomorrow.Text: Read pages 10-14 and answer the 4 Reading Check Questions. Due Thursday.RCQs due tomorrow. Review sheet: Geography & Native Americans is due on Monday 9/26. Unit test is Tuesday 9/27.Review sheet due Monday. StudyReview sheet due Monday. Study
Sept. 26 - 30Test postponed to Wednesday. Bring your review sheet tomorrow. StudyTest is Wednesday; bring a pencil and pen StudyQuiz: States WEST of the Mississippi River is moved to Wednesday October 5.Practice identifying states in the West. Clean out your binder of Geography & Native Americans Unit; keep vocabulary sheet, review sheet answers.study for Wednesday's quiz on the states west of the Mississippi River
Oct. 3 - 7Rosh Hashanah. No SchoolRosh Hashanah. No School Text:Use pages 256-261 to complete #1 (define and/or explain 12 vocabulary terms) in the Section 1 Review on page 261. Due tomorrow.No homework
Oct.10 - 14Columbus Day. No schoolRead the handout, "The Electoral College" and answer the questions on the back. Due Thursday.Yom Kippur. No SchoolWorksheet: Checks & Balances, both sides. Due tomorrow.Make sure you understand the government concepts we've been discussing in class. Suggestion: Reread handouts for The Constitution unit.
Oct. 17 - 21Text: Read pages 284-289 and answer the 5 Reading Check Questions; due Wednesday.Unit Test: The Constitution on Tuesday, October 25. Review sheet due on Monday.work on review sheet.work on review sheet.Review sheet due on Monday; the test is Tuesday. Study.
Oct. 24 - 28Study for tomorrow's test.No homework.Clean out your binder of The Constitution unit. Read and highlight the Junior Scholastic article, "Where They Stand"No homework.No homework.
Oct. 31 - Nov. 4Happy Halloween! No homework.Election 2016 Issues packet is due Thursday.  Complete the worksheet, "Introduction Rough Draft" due tomorrow. The Constitution RETAKE test is due on MONDAY.Constitution RETAKE test is due on Monday. All missing/absent work must be handed in by Thursday.
Nov. 7 - 11Revise introduction, write body rough draft; due Wednesday.Supt. Conference Day. No school for students.Revise body paragraphs. Write conclusion; due tomorrow.End of Quarter 1. Finish all revisions and bring all parts to class Monday for typing the final copy.Veteran's Day. No School