December 11, 2017

Read for at least 20 minutes. Write the title and page
number of the book you are reading in your planner

Read Theory if possible

Spelling workbook page 77 / quiz Friday

Vocabulary workbook page 40/quiz December 19th

Use your IXLMath account, if possible 

Social Studies/complete classwork

Bookadventure.com book report due December 31st.  See me
if your book is not a quiz on bookadventure.com


  Supply list and summer assignment


6 – pencils

3- dry erase markers (expo brand will usually last the longest)

4 - marble type notebooks

2 - two pocket folders (each labeled with your child's name)

1- highlighter

1- 1 inch 3 ring binder

1 - package of wide rule loose leaf paper

1- package of lined 3x5 index cards

1- box of tissues

1- roll of paper towels

1- container of wipes

1- planner (purchased at school in September for $4.00)

*The art supply box items will also be used in the classroom.

                                   Summer Assignment Grade 4 

Read and report on three books:

1 Newbery Medal Winner

1 History or historical fiction

1 book of your choice

Please use the following format for all three books:


Main Characters:





All three reports should be put together with one illustrated cover. Your name and grade should be on the bottom right of the cover page. The reports may be handwritten or typed and are due on the first day of school. The reports will be your first ELA grades for the new school year.

Please continue to sharpen your math skills this summer. All current third grade students have an IXLmath account which will remain active this summer. I receive detailed reports weekly from IXL. Email me through my teacherweb page if you need your username or password for ixlmath.

Have a great summer and see you in September!


Mrs. Malcolm