Hello everyone! :)

Reminders for the Upcoming Weeks:

  • Friday, 05/05/17, we will be having First Friday mass. Please share with your children your own excitement and enthusiasm about going to church!
  • Friday, 05/12/17, we will have "Muffins with Mom" from 7:45AM to 8:15AM. All mommies are invited to bring their little ones and have a light breakfast on us! More details to follow! :)
  • Wednesday, 05/17/17, will be a DRESS DOWN DAY.
  • Friday, 05/19/17, will be Noon Dismissal. Please ensure care for your child.
  • Friday, 05/26/17, through Monday, 05/29/17, is Memorial Day Weekend. School will not be in session. Please ensure care for your child!
  • Friday, 06/02/17, is the PreK trip to Bowdoin Park. All children must be accompanied by an adult and we will meet at the park. This our last field trip of the year! If your child does not go to the park, they cannot go to school that day as an alternative (it is a "Field Trip" day for PreK). More details to follow! :)
  • Heads Up: PreK-3 does NOT participate in the "PreK Graduation" on Wednesday, June 14th. PreK-3 is not in session on June 14th. June 14th is a NO SCHOOL DAY FOR PREK-3. PreK-3 will be having a Moving-Up Party in the classroom at 2PM on Tuesday, June 13th, where we will gather with loved ones and treats. All children, with a guardian, should be present in the classroom at 2PM on Tuesday, June 13th. Children will also receive their last published book at the party. June 13th will be our LAST DAY OF SCHOOL.
  • We are running desperately low on tissues and Clorox wipes! (It's been quite the winter with lots of colds!) If anyone could donate a tissue box and a clorox wipes can, we would really appreciate it. :)
What we are focusing on right now:
  • Religion: Happy Easter! Jesus is ALIVE!
    Prayer Focus: Saint Michael Prayer
  • Literacy: Animal Study Unit: Class Voted on... TURTLES!
    Reading Stories About: Turtles! (Types of Turtle, Life of Turtles, Habitats of Turtles, fictional turtles, etc.)
    Letter of the Week: X
  • Mathematics: Identifying numbers 1-5
    Number of the Month: 8
    Color Recognition: Green, Brown, Black
  • Social Studies: Where do turtles live? Do turtles have families like we do? Can we keep turtles as pets in our own homes?
  • Science: What is a turtle's life cycle? What types of turtles are there? What does a turtle's body look like (What are it's characteristics?)

Love and Hugs,
Miss DeBellis :)