Mrs. Bottjer’s Pre-K Newsletter for December 8th

Things to keep in mind:

Remember we will be testing for the “Coat Club” in January. Please continue to practice zippering and buttoning at home.

Wednesday, December 13th is a dress down day for the missions.

Thursday, December 14th is our Christmas Concert. Please bring your child to my classroom at 5:30 wearing their Sunday best and Christmas colors. 

Friday, December 22nd  Mrs. Scaglione and I will be providing lunch for the children for our Christmas lunch. You do not have to bring in a lunch for your child that day. 

Theme: This week we had a blast talking all about Christmas! We talked about how there are small trees and little trees. We showed and compared sizes of trees.   They used our felt board Christmas tree to play with letter and number ornaments. On Monday, the children made their own small trees that can be found hanging in our windows. They made ornaments by dipping erasers into paint.  During the week the children made a larger tree together. On Tuesday the children cut out stockings (we went over why children hung out their stockings a long time ago) and then used cotton balls to count out 9. Lastly, they glued them to the top of their stocking which is also hanging in the classroom. Wednesday, we talked more about long and short (tall and small) and compared lengths, the children then made another small Christmas tree using various sized rectangles that they stacked in size order to make an adorable Christmas tree. These are hanging out in the hallway. Also on Wednesday, the children worked together to make a large Christmas tree. At circle time on Thursday, the children measured our large tree and one of our small trees and then compared the sizes. They also compared the 2 stories of of the Littlest and Biggest Christmas Trees.  Thursday, the children also made Christmas wreaths using scrubbing brushes dipped into green paint. We are always trying to use different materials in creative ways! They came out really great! On Friday, we acted out the Nativity. The children really loved doing this. We had props and everything!!!   Our letter of the week was I (for inn) and we are still working with numbers 1-10 but our number of the week was 9. Please continue to work on writing the numbers at home. In addition, the children are working on rhyming. We will soon add syllables as well. Some of the books we read include The Little Christmas Tree, The Littlest Christmas Tree, The Biggest Christmas Tree, A Baby Was Born, The Night Begore Christmas, Little Critter’s Christmas and many more.

Religion: The children spent a lot of time this week talking about the birth of Jesus and they attended mass on Friday for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  The children also worked very hard practicing for their Christmas Concert.

Next week: Christmas will continue!! Our letter of the week will be J (for Jesus).

God Bless,

Mrs. Bottjer