Mrs. Bottjer’s Pre-K Newsletter for October 13th

Things to keep in mind:

Wednesday, October 18th is Picture Day. Children can “dress up.”

Thursday, October 19th is our trip to Hahn Farm. We leave the school at 9am and return around 12pm. Chaperones will meet us there. Please pack a lunch for your child to eat when we get back. Hot lunches will not be available to us. Uniforms are to be worn, but feel free to wear boots and rain gear in case of bad weather.

I attached a pumpkin worksheet that you may want to complete with your child after our trip. It should be a lot of fun to do as a family. 

Friday, October 20th is a teacher conference day. There is no school.

Friday, October 27th   School Halloween Party at night

Monday, October 30th is our class party.   The children can BRING their costumes to put OVER their clothes.

When the weather gets colder (if it ever does), please practice with your child putting on and taking off their coat as well as zipping and buttoning. We will be doing this at school as well and will be testing it in the winter time.

Theme: The week may have been short on days, but it wasn’t short on fun!  We began our week learning all about fall harvests. Because our letter of the week was C, we spent a lot of time on corn. We made an ear of corn, sang songs about corn, popped popcorn (with this we used all 5 senses!) and talked all about how corn is used many different ways. On Wednesday, we talked about the job of a scarecrow. Scarecrows scare away all types of animals, but they don’t scare us! We sang songs about scarecrows, acted like a scarecrow and made a book about the animals they scare. We sent the books home already. Please read them with your child.   On Thursday at circle time we used the felt board candy corn pieces to talk about top, bottom and middle. The children are very good at positional words. Also, we reviewed the letter C and painted a candy corn white, orange and yellow (using positional words). In addition, they used a clothespin (c word) with a pompom to paint. They really enjoyed doing this. We spent Friday learning all about crows and making beautiful crows that are sitting on our wire in the classroom near our corn!!!  We are trying to keep the crows from eating our corn!  Some of the children are beginning to understand the concept of beginning sounds. When possible, point out A, B and C beginning letter sounds as well as continue to work on their names and shapes.  Most are doing well with this. We are coming along just great!!!  Some of the books we read include Scarecrow, Silly Scarecrow, The Scarecrow’s Hat, Julius’s Candy Corn, Crows, Corn, Rob and Bob and the Corn on the Cob, How do You Know its Fall?, Goldilocks and the Three Bears and more.

Religion: They learned that people show love to those in our lives by being nice and being good to each other. We call this showing God’s love. We read the story of the Good Samaritan to reinforce this concept. Our Prayer song was “Clap Your Hands.” We also talked and saw a short video about Our Lady of Fatima.

Next Week: Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins! Our letter of the week will be D.

God Bless,

Mrs. Bottjer