Pre-K 4 Newsletter for June 9th


Wednesday, June 14th is our graduation. Please drop your child off in the classroom at 9:15am. Your child can wear their “Sunday Best”. The program starts at 9:30am. A cake reception will follow.

Please empty out your child’s book bags. We are beginning to send home your child’s projects and supplies. Thanks so much.

We had a great time at our picnic! Thanks to all of you for helping out and praying for nice weather!

Theme: This week we had a lot of fun talking about kindergarten. We spent the week adding last minute touches to their Journal Books. All year they have been drawing pictures about themselves, themes we have covered as well as stories we have read. They are very excited to give them to you at graduation. In addition, the children have been reading books about kindergarten and talking about how they feel about going to a new class.  We finally  got to 20 which is our number of the week! They are also continuing to work on adding and subtracting numbers up to 5. The children are really doing well with this. Way to go, Pre-K! Some of the books we read are Kindergarten Rocks!, The Night Before Kindergarten, The Day the Crayons Quit, Kindergarten, Here I Come and more. 

Religion:  We read about Pentecost and sang beautiful songs that you will hear at graduation!

Next Week: GRADUATION!!!

God Bless,

Mrs. Bottjer