Mrs. Bottjer’s Pre-K Newsletter for April 28th

Things to keep in mind:

Monday, May 1st the spring/summer uniform begins. The children can wear their shorts.

Friday, May 12th is Muffins with Moms. This takes place at drop off from 7:45 until 8:15 am. Please send in the notice to let us know if you can attend. 

Wednesday, May 17th is the Spring Concert. The concert starts at 6:00pm. Please have your child in the classroom at 5:45. Your child can dress up for this.

Theme: This week we studied all about fresh water animals and their habitats. In other words, we learned about animals that we may find in ponds and rivers all around us. It was a fun week. We started slow with turtles. We talked about why they need their shells and what it would be like without one. For our project, the children painted 5 different turtle shells on a piece of paper. The children then painted on 4 legs onto their turtles. Then they had to figure out if one turtles has four legs then how many legs are there if you have 5 turtles. They figured out they needed to count all the legs. They did great counting up to 20. Please keep counting up to 20.  On Tuesday, we studied ducks and how they are coming back to ponds now that it is spring. In addition, they made great ducks to add to our pond classroom.  Wednesday, we had a hopping good time learning all about frogs! We learned they come from eggs, hatch as tadpoles, then become pollywogs (tadpoles with legs) and then become a frog. The children were really interested in this. I put on a puppet show about a wide mouth frog and then read a book called the “The Frog with the Big Mouth.” We then talked about the similarities and differences of each story. They were very good at this. They had a really good time singing “5 Little Speckled Frogs” and then playing a subtraction game with little plastic frogs. Lastly, they worked on the lifecycle of a frog. Throughout the week we talked about what a snake eats, how he moves (we acted this out) and what they look like. In addition, we jumped over a slithering snake; luckily we all made it!!! Look at our ceiling for our snake crafts. Friday, we talked about how we can also find snails in pond areas. We acted out being a snail and made a great snail project. This week we also practiced for our spring concert. Our letter of the week was Y and we are continuing to work on numbers up to 20.   Those numbers are sometimes tricky. Some of the books we read include Ponds, In the Small, Small, Pond, Make Way for Ducklings, Turtles, I Can’t Get My Turtle to Move, The Frog With the Big Mouth, Frogs, Snakes!, Snakes, The Biggest House in the World and more.

Religion: Our prayer song was “Alleluia.”

Next Week:  Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!!! We will be doing another Author Study with Eric Carle using some of his books on insects (and spiders). Our letter of the week will be Z! (I can’t believe we are already on Z!)

God Bless,

Mrs. Bottjer