Thanks for a great year. Take a look at all the good times:


NY State ELA test Tuesday, April 5, - Thursday April 7. Please be sure to sleep well and have breakfast.  Please arrive to school on time and come with snack and sharpened pencils.  

The NY State Math test will be Wednesday, April 13 - Friday April 15. 


Scholastic On-Line Ordering:  
Class code HB9R3


Vocab Unit 8:  Let's hear it for our personal bests:  Naila T., Inger, and Jujhar!  Four students received 100% on Unit 8:  Djeynaba, Anthony, Jujhar, and Zariah.  Keep up the good work everyone.

Wishing all of you a happy and healthy holiday season.  I hope you enjoy the break, but please remember to work on your multiplication facts.  

Also, I would like to request that everyone bring in another pack of index cards when we return.  We are running very low and there are still at least another ten units to go.    

Math Test Thursday November 5, 2015
Addition and Subtraction - using estimation and tape diagrams as well as traditional algorithm 

Vocabulary Unit 3 - Congratulations to 9 students who achieved their personal best on last week's vocabulary test:  Nyla A., Anthony, Christopher, Inger, Danny G., Julia, Dara, Djeynaba, and Navpreet.  
Shout out to, Victoria and Djeynaba who both had a perfect score. Previously, Jordan received 100 on unit 1, and Segeley received 100 on unit 2.  Great job.

Keep up the good work.  Please spend a few minutes each night reviewing the words, their synonyms and antonyms to achieve your personal best on Unit 4. 

Welcome to 4th grade.  I hope you have had a fun filled summer.  Please remember to bring your supplies with you on Wednesday, September 2, 2015.  

Back To School

Another wonderful school year,
is about to start.
You'll learn new things,
and become very smart.

You'll learn about,
the stars and the moon.
I know you can't wait,
it will happen real soon.

You'll meet new friends,
and have so much fun.
School will feel,
like a huge home run.

Your teachers will help,
you learn so much.
About the French,
British, and Dutch.

You'll also learn about,
Einstein's theory of relativity.
Trying science experiments,
will be an educational activity.

I just have one more,
back to school suggestion.
Remember to raise your hand,
when you have a question.