I hope you are all enjoying your summer.  I have not received many emails about our summer book club.  First email me through the link at the bottom left, indicating that you are reading Mr. Terrupt.  Then, please visit Kidsblog to begin.  Click on your name and enter the same password you used for fast math.  If you have a sibling and used a #, you can eliminate the #.  

Circle Line trip next Tuesday June 10, and Picnic next Thursday June 12.  
Picnic is next Thursday.  Please return your volunteer slips ASAP.  Class money is $15.  Anyone who has not already done so, please send in an envelope with your child's name on it. 

We have all accepted the vocabulary challenge.  Your personal best score is expected on unit 15.  Work every night toward your goal.

4th grade Fun Day, tomorrow, Wednesday May 28.
One week left for box-tops! Thank you Miles and Leah, a few more today.
Circle line payments are due.  
More box-tops came today, thank you Dejannah.  The contest is almost over.  May 30 is the deadline for the box-top contest.  It's not too late....yet!

This week is the plant sale.  We are scheduled for Thursday.  Thank you to Sarah for the Box-Tops.  Keep them coming everyone.   Vocab Unit 13 index cards this week. 


FYI class photos have been uploaded.

Day 1, mission complete.  NYS Math test begins Wednesday April 30.  

John brought in more BOX-TOPS today.  Thanks John.  

Are you a conservationist? - Thank you to all! Everyone responded!  You may now read what others wrote.  

More box-tops arrived from John. There will be a fraction test on Friday. 


We got more BOX-TOPS today from Reannah. Yay! Thanks for the BOX-TOPS, Omawallee, Sarah and Miles! Keep them coming everyone.

Fact fluency is improving: 13 students received 100% on Friday's multiples quiz.

Congratulations to Olivia, Sarah, Nimish, Reannah, and John for getting 100% on the Unit 11 Vocabulary Test.  Special congratulations to Reannah and John who also received 100% on the Unit 10 test. 

Please be aware that the New York State ELA (Reading and Writing) test is coming up.  The dates are April 1, 2, and 3, 2014. 

Bring in BOX TOPS!


Life Cycle projects are due Monday.  Make sure you have gathered your pictures.  Put them on your poster, label and decorate.

I have received many emails from parents about math stress.  There are some youtube videos online that might help you understand the partial quotient method.  Here is a link to one:

 December - Thank you to all of you who came in to see me regarding your child's progress.  It was a pleasure meeting with you.

Be aware! I will be collecting reading logs early.  Please make sure yours is up to date! 

Congratulations to Miles and Leah for earning a score of 100 on the Unit 5 Vocabulary Test!  Remember to begin unit 6 this weekend.  We will be having the unit 6 test before vacation.

November -Happy Thanksgiving.  Have a safe and healthy holiday.

I hope that you had an opportunity to share your Gratitude Poem.  Remember to email me and let me know what kind of reaction you got. 

I would like everyone to practice multiplication over the weekend.  Fill in on loose-leaf paper the following:
Date      Website     Time Spent      Score       Parent Signature
Remember to study for the Science Test (Monday, December 2.)
Please visit the links for Math Notes and Science Notes!

Science text can be accessed online at home - username VS1344 password student

Families, please be aware.  Students should be working with their vocabulary words every night.   Congratulations to the three students received 100% on Unit 1, Chris G., Miles, and Afira.  However, only 2 out of 19 students received a better score on Unit 2 than Unit 1.  Congratulations to Leah who not only improved her score but was the only student to score 100% on Unit 2.  Wally and Sarah will take the Unit 2 test this Friday as they were absent. 

Reading logs are a nightly responsiblity. Spelling in Context corrections should be made at home after being scored on Wednesday in class. 

Late October News:

October - Red Ribbon Week please see handout for special activities:
Monday - wear red
Tuesday - wear your favorite sports team jersey

Congratulations.  Most students did well on Unit 1 and we have begun Unit 2.  It is a 2 week cycle.  In order to be successful on the test the students must work nighly on their vocabulary words.  The synonyms and antonyms are essential to thier success. 




SUGGESTED DINNER CONVERSATION: Ask your child about the Bar Model or Tape Diagram.  How does a vertical number line help you to round numbers? May I see your planner?  Did you remove all notices from your folder?  What multiplication facts do you remember?  What is a complete subject or complete predicate? Did you initial my reading log?

We will be holding our Student Council Class Rep Election this Thursday, October 10 - If you are a responsible, respectful, safe, and caring LEADER and want to represent the class to the Student Council, prepare a short speech answering the questions: Why do you want to be a Class Rep? Why should the class elect you as the Class Rep?

PRIZES were awarded for complete September reading logs.  Parents, please participate in this shared responsibility.  Your reading log should be returned to your folder and in your backpack every night before you go to bed.  

Reading Logs were collected on Tuesday!  Great job to those who had a completed reading log.  For the month of October, please write the pages read each night on the log. 

The week of Sept 30 we will be having 3 tests: math, social studies and grammar. A test folder will be coming home next week with all of your childs tests.

Spelling Lessons 2, 3, and 4
Social Studies Geography
Grammar Lesson 1 and 2
Math - place value test

 Please sign and return it the very next day.

Ask to see your child's math notebook at least 3 times a week.

Health Forms

Just a quick reminder - New York State requires all 4th graders have a physical upon returning to school. If you have not already sent in your childs' Health Appraisal Form, please do so as soon as possible. If your child has not had a well visit, please schedule one and bring the appraisal form to be completed.

Scholastic Book Club

Orders can be placed on-line from home. Using on-line ordering enables you to use a credit card for payment. All orders submitted through the backpack require a check for payment. The online class activation code is HB9R3.

When you go to you will see parent orders.
Parent Portal

Please sign up for the Parent Portal if you have not already done so. In addition, you can sign up for the Valley Stream 13 E-News. This will provide you with email notifications of school and district announcements such as the word and strategy of the month and much, much more.