About the Teacher

NAME: Ms. Corinne Cortes

SCHOOL: Howell Road School

TITLE: Elementary Math Specialist

SCHOOL PHONE: 516-568-6130


I am beginning my 12th year in Valley Stream 13 UFSD and my 
28th year in education.  I have a passion for teaching elementary math and 
being witness to great mathematicians at work.  I am committed to 
assisting these wonderful students deepen their mathematical understanding 
as they blossom into awesome thinkers and problem solvers.  
I am also a proud mother of three mathematicians.  I love spending time 
with family and friends.
I value my time with your children and what they teach me every year.

Thank you and have a mathematical day!

Ms. Cortes
My Mission Statement:

Children are our future!  I am committed to every child's success as a 
whole.  My mission is to empower students mathematically by providing a 
caring environment in which every child is respected and is given the 
opportunity to develop their mathematical skills through exploration, 
conversation and real world applications.