September 2017

Dear Parents and Families:

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Mrs. Debora O’Connor and I will have the pleasure of being your child’s first grade teacher.  First grade is a big year in your child’s life.  We will have a wonderful year.  There is so much to learn.  You will marvel at the growth in your child, both academically and as a little person.  A whole new world will open up for your child as they begin to read and write.  A sense of independence and pride will emerge.

It will be my job this year to create a safe, warm and nurturing environment for learning. I hope to instill a love of learning and discovery within each child.  I will work my hardest to let all the children grow to their fullest potential.  I always embrace each new year with as much excitement as the children.  I encourage each of you to become a partner in your child’s learning.  Let them know you too are excited that they are now first graders.

I will discuss our year’s curriculum and other particulars when I meet all of you on Open School Night on Monday, Sept. 18th from 6:30pm-7:15pm.  If you should have any questions or concerns and need to contact me before Open School Night, please send a note in your child’s folder or leave a phone message with the main office.  My school email address is

Please try to have all supplies and paperwork sent in by Friday, September 8th.  I will send reminder notices for any item that may be missing.  If your child will be purchasing lunch, there are two ways you can pay for it.  You will be given the opportunity by the food service to pay monthly at (highly recommended) or your child can bring their money daily in a wallet or envelope clearly marked with their name.  The cost of a lunch is $2.25.  Our lunch hour is 10:45am-11:35am.  We will be having snack each morning.  Please remember to send a water bottle and ONE healthy food snack daily.

Just a reminder that the school day begins at 8:25am, the first bell will ring at 8:20am.  If your child is a walker or is dropped off by car, please make sure that your child is in the cafeteria with our class by 8:20am.  I will pick them up promptly and be to our classroom door by 8:25am.  Dismissal will be at 2:50pm.  We will leave through the main front doors and be outside no later than 2:45pm.  If your child will be picked up by anyone other than a parent, I will need prior notification in writing.  Thank you.

I am looking forward to our year together,

Mrs. O’Connor