All of our students have individualized goals. Progress on those goals and suggestions for home practice are shared regularly in the students speech books. Ask your student about the activities that they are completing in speech. 

Some information about Speech and Language Therapy at James A. Dever Elementary School
  In speech and language therapy we work on so much more than just the way we make sounds. Our students are working on all kinds of goals including, developing vocabulary, perfecting word order and grammar skills, improving problem solving and describing language, developing social skills and speaking smoothly and clearly.

 Many students receive speech and language services through the Department of Special Education as part of their Individualized Education Plan.

We are very fortunate to provide speech and language services to students without special education classifications through our non-classified related service program. Students that are identified as at risk for speech and language difficulties, which impact their academic performance, may be recommend to receive speech and language screening and/or therapy by our Interdisciplinary Study Team.

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