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KLSD Budget Process

Katonah –Lewisboro Elementary School 
Budget/Voter Education Committee Budget Process

School budgets are put before the community each year for a vote.   The budget process begins by
asking each classroom teacher what they anticipate they will need for the next year.  At the elementary
level, these requests go to the Principal and at the middle school and high school, teachers’ requests go
to the Directors.  At all levels, the Principals confer with the PTA’s.

After reviewing all requests with the Assistant Superintendent, Director of Administrative Services and
Business Managers, the heart of the educational budget is comprised.  After review and modification, all
other department budgets such as Transportation, Operations and Maintenance and other district
accounts including staff-development, computer education, athletics, enrichment, Board of Education,
district administration, debt service, etc., are added.

The last process is the preliminary budget that is reviewed by the Superintendent and is known as the
Superintendent’s Budget.  After review and modification, this budget is presented to the public for open
discussion and comment.  This is an important opportunity for you as parents to voice your opinion
about what matters to you and your child’s education.

At the end of the public hearing process, where the Board and the public has had a chance to question
the proposed budget and changes are likely made, the BOE “adopts” a modified version of the
Superintendent’s budget and places it to a public vote in mid-May.

The public is invited and encouraged to attend all open BOE and budget discussion sessions.  You will
be kept up-to-date on the meetings and topics through our Newsletters,
School Calendar and PTA Communications.  You may also call the District Office for information at
763-7003 or log on to:   www.klschooldistrict.org

The Katonah Lewisboro School District rates among the very highest in Westchester.  It is important that
you become involved and have a voice in your child’s education.  We encourage you to attend meetings,
ask questions and most importantly VOTE for your budget.


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