Music Lesson Guidelines


John Jay Middle School Music Lesson Guidelines 2015 – 2016

JJMS values the music lesson program and calls upon staff and parents to support it. Attendance at

lessons leads to successful performance, thus, music lessons are mandatory for students in band and

orchestra. Several pathways for lesson attendance are included in this memo. Here are the guidelines

for music lessons:

1. We have provided options and incentives so that students will be able to attend a number of

   lessons each trimester. There are five options for scheduling lessons. Students in band and

   orchestra will be scheduled for music lessons and should attend as scheduled OR make

   alternative appointments using the options available under item #6 below.

2. The school acknowledges that trading a class for a lesson from time to time is an acceptable

   practice. A student is not allowed to miss the same class more than twice in a trimester.

3. Students will attend, on average, 8 lessons a trimester.

4. Students receive one (1) point on their average for attending a lesson. A student who attends

   eight (8) lessons will receive ten (10) points on average (full credit). A student who attends

   more than eight lessons in a trimester will receive extra credit.

5. If a subject teacher believes the activity planned for class at the time the lesson is scheduled

   should take precedence over the music lesson, the teacher should indicate that to the student to

   attend the class and use one of the several options for rescheduling the music lesson. Teachers

   should make a sincere effort to accommodate a student’s music lesson schedule.

6. Music Lesson Options:

a. Attend lessons scheduled by the music teacher during the school day, missing a class on a

rotating basis. Students will not miss more than 2 classes in one subject during a trimester.

This is the preferred approach to the lesson program.

b. Attend lessons during home base when no music rehearsal is scheduled on the monthly

calendar, remembering that attendance at scheduled RTI sessions has precedence over music


c. Attend lessons during lunch or recess by arrangement with the music teacher.

d. Attend an alternative lesson group. This would allow students to attend the subject class

when the lesson is scheduled and miss another subject class. This would happen in consultation

with the instrumental and classroom teachers and would allow a student to be present during an


e. Attend extra help for band or orchestra on Wednesdays after school.

7. If a student reschedules a music lesson during a scheduled class, he/she MUST inform the

   teacher of the class that she/he will miss.