Group Discussion Series

Cyber Safety & Our Kids by Jake Kircher of New Canaan Cares PowerPoint Presentation CyberTechPresentation032017.pdf 
Notes from the Presentation which includes tools for monitoring use TechPres2017Notes.docx

Character Strengths Presentation Series
January 25th, 7pm. JJMS Library

The first step in the ladder towards a flourishing life. Before passion, before effort, before achievement know your child’s strengths! This is the engine that drives kids motivation & self control while also giving them meaning & purpose in their tasks.
Videos from VIA Institute & Panel Discussion
Character-Strengths-List2017.pdf  Character-poem2017.pdf  Character-Strengths-pie-chart2017.pdf

GRIT = Passion + Perseverance
February 21st, 7pm. JJMS Library

Where to focus effort and how to stick with long-term goals.
Colleges are increasingly looking for GRIT.
Based o the book GRIT by Angela Duckworth
Grit.pdf     Grit-Scale-8item.pdf

Self Regulation
May 10th, 7pm. JJMS Library

Dealing with failure, anxiety and discipline at home and in the classroom and how that paradoxically makes everything easier.
Based on the book Self-Reg by Stuart Schanker  Self-Reg-summary--Shanker.pdf