Pick-up Procedures



(2:30pm-3pm) PICK-UP

Parents – Please review these safety guidelines. Thank you for your cooperation with this important safety matter. 

a) Please stay to the right and move up as much as possible (which is all the way up to the last door of JJMS) while you wait for your child/children. Please tell your children to look to the left AND right when they come out of the door.

b) As children are picked up and cars leave, please keep moving all the way up to the last JJMS door.

c) Traffic MUST remain flowing so only enter the circle if there is a spot available on the right for you to pullover and stop/wait.

d) Please make getting through the pick-up zone safely and swiftly your top priority (minimize socializing).

e) Be mindful that students are walking to their parents’ cars, and therefore you need to be extremely careful while operating your vehicle while in the pick-up zone.  Do not try to pass on the left if there is a logjam.

f) If the car line for pick-up is long, please leave an opening for buses to make turns in and out of the HS bus lot.

g) Never enter the circle the wrong way! Also, no backing out of the circle!

h) Parking in the upper parking lot is always an option and we will have to begin using the upper parking lot during high volume days.