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The FastTrack Work Based Learning program is designed to allow you to experience the world of work, while earning credit for high school. The emphasis in the name of the program is on learning, not working, so be prepared to learn about yourself (and what happens at work) along the way.

FastTrack is set up as a pass/fail course, however - there are more components to passing the course than just submitting a paycheck. This site contains various assignments that you will need to complete and submit electronically or in person. You may complete the assignments all at once, once a month, or as frequently as you would like, but all of the required assignments need to be completed by the first Friday in June.

Course Requirements for a Passing Grade varies according to your age and which program you are participating in.  The following table provides a summary of each program:

Program   Age Paid|Unpaid   Credits &
Related Instruction  
Relate to CareerAssignments| Instruction 
Career Exploration Internship Program



.5 |  54 hrs.

1 | 108 hrs.  broken into 4 distinct areas of the business


5 Assignments plus submission of a reflective journal

8 Assignments
plus submission of a reflective journal

General Education Work Experience Program



 .5  | 150 hours
1    | 300 hours
1.5 | 450 hours
2    | 600 hours


6 , 12, 15, 18 assignments with a monthly "check in" with your coordinator
Work Experience and Career Exploration Program (for at risk students) 



 .5 | 150 hours
1 | 300 hours


6 and 12 assignments respectively.  Mandatory weekly meeting with your coordinator
Career and Technical Education Cooperative Work Experience Program   


Paid & Unpaid

.5 | 150 hours
1 | 300 hours
1.5 | 450 hours
2 | 600 hours


6 , 12, 15, 18 assignments with a monthly "check in" with your coordinator and coordinating course in progress or previously completed.


Legal Employment:
In order to receive credit for work, you must be employed legally (e.g. "on the books"). This means that your employer deducts state and federal employment taxes from your check and pays disability insurance for you. If your employer pays you in cash, with no taxes taken out, they are paying you "off the books". This is illegal - therefore, off the books hours can not be used for WBL credit. Summer employment and previous year employment are not able to be used for credit. Only legal employment hours between September and June are eligible.

Assignments: Each student enrolled in WBL is responsible for doing the first 5 assignments - they are mandatory for all. Once the first five have been successfully completed, students may choose which other assignment(s) they would like to submit for credit. Some assignments require research and a quiz, others require written responses - each assignment covers a different work-related topic. Students are encouraged to go above and beyond the required number of asssignments - not to pass the course, but because the assignments are valuable in content.

Standings (Not Grades!): All submitted work will be printed and compiled in a portfolio, which will be evaluated at the conclusion of each marking period. Assignments must be assessed by their coordinator to show an understanding of at least 80% of the material submitted in order to receive completion credit and inclusion in the portfolio. If your submitted work does not meet the 80% standard, it will be returned to you; it must be revised and resubmitted.
Your standing in the course will be discussed during your monthly "check in" meeting with your coordinator. 

Site Visit Evaluations: During a site visit evaluation, a coordinator will visit your place of employment to ensure that the work place is safe and is providing appropriate training and experiences. Additional communication with your work supervisor may include topics such as attendance, attitude, and work ethic. The idea is to try and eliminate communication problems and make sure everything is running smoothly.

Monthly Check In Meeting: Once a month, you will be scheduled to meet with your coordinator to "check in" and let them know how everything is going and if you have questions. Please check the WBL Meeting calendar for the day and time you are scheduled. If there is an NS to your meeting, it means that you missed the meeting and need to reschedule.

Again, the goal here is for you to learn.   .

Some commonly asked questions:
What is Work Based Learning?  (WBL)
Who can benefit from WBL?
OK, but I'm going to college and probably grad school.  Why do I need WBL?

What is Work Based Learning? (WBL)
Work Based Learning is the hands on, practical application of the concepts and skills learned in
school classrooms. The fact is that everyone, regardless of their level of education, will end up
working. By letting students experience "real life" work place situation with the support
and guidance of the employer, parents and Work Based Learning Coordinator, students can more
readily make the transition from school to work.
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Who can benefit from WBL?
EVERYBODY!! Regardless of your class rankings, or your plans after graduation, everyone will
eventually go to work. WBL allows students to transition into the world of work through the
guidance of the WBL Coordinator, parents and employer. This does not often happen when students
seek employment on their own. The student can ask questions and learn strategies for dealing with
and excelling in the workplace. Another benefit to Work Based Learning is Career Exploration.
Students are required to give some thought to their interests and preferences, which can make a
huge difference in the path they choose to follow.
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OK, but I'm going to college and probably grad school. Why do I need WBL?
The new set of academic standards for 21st Century Learning states that students leaving secondary
school need to be "College and Career Ready". Many of the same skills that apply to successful
employment also apply to college (skills like time management, multi-tasking, collaboration). Even if
college is the next stop, an internship can only help you on your way.
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