Asst. 14 - Business Letter

One of the main methods of communication in the world of business is the business letter.  Even with increased email usage, the business letter is used for many reasons:  to introduce oneself when mailing a resume to apply for, as an invitation to an event, as a thank you letter, to convey information in a serious and professional manner.

The business letter uses a format known as "block format".  That means that all the paragraphs, headings, salutations and closures line up.  The use of spacing is also important in a business letter.

Click on the link and see what business letters look like.   

Basic sample business letter - 

Site has letters for business letters for specific purposes -

Assignment:  Write a business style letter to your current employer, thanking them for allowing you to participate in the Work Based Learning program.  Save the file as your first inital, last nameBusiness Letter.  For example, mine would be aLastNameBusinessLetter.  Email the letter to your coordinator as an attachment.