Asst. 5 - Interests




1) Visit

2) Click on "My Portfolio" - create a portfolio if you don't have
already; if you do have one, update your information. Make sure that
you enter the correct school year (ie, 11th or 12th grade) that you
are in.

2) Once your portfolio is created/updated, choose "Interest
Profiler" and follow the directions to complete the online profiler.
Just answer the questions honestly. At the end, the profiler will
give you your score; write down the names of
the three areas in which you scored highest. They will be in red.

3) Go back to - at the top of the page, one of
the bubbles says "Assess Yourself". Click on that bubble, and then
click on the letters corresponding to the three areas in
which you had the highest scores. On the bottom right click "View
Occupations". Browse choices and answer the questions

  • 1) What are the three areas in which you scored highest?
  • 2) In the following space, list 5 occupations that interest you, and
    the amount of training/education you will need to complete to be
    able to do each job. Also, include the pay scale.

  • 3) Narrow the five jobs down to two jobs that you would definitely find
    interesting enough to spend time on. For each job, explain why you
    think it would be a good fit for you.