Asst. 11 - Interviews




Visit the website "Adventures in Education" - - and
click on the "Find a Job" link. Then select "Land an interview."
Read Job Interviewing 101, Common Interview Questions, & Recovering
from a bad interview. Read through
and answer the questions below.

Also, copy and paste the following link into you browser. This
video discusses 9 common mistakes that the interviewee makes during
the interview.

  • 1) What is the purpose of an interview?
  • 2) How many minutes prior to the interview should you arrive?
  • 3) How should you dress for an interview?
  • 4) List 9 common mistakes candidates makes during the interview process.
  • 5) What should you do after the interview?
  • 6) What should you do if you are running late to an interview?