Asst. 15 - Cell Phone Etiquette




I work with someone that is constantly talking and texting on their
phone. The person is a reliable employee - she comes to work on
time, etc - but she takes many bathroom breaks during the course of
the night to text and check messages. This makes the rest of us
CRAZY, as her attention is focused on her phone and not her job.

Does this sound familiar? Read the attached articles and answer the
following questions.

  • 1) What is your employer's policy on cell phones at work? Are you
    allowed to text at work or take calls?

  • 2) Have you ever experienced a customer using a cell phone while you
    were trying to serve them? If so, were you bothered by their
    behavior or did you find it acceptable?

  • 3) Do you agree that society as a whole should have some some of
    etiquette when using cell phones? Not a law, but just something we
    should all adhere to because its the right thing to do?

  • 4) Honestly consider your cell phone etiquette as if you were observing
    someone else. Do you think that your behavior is appropriate and
    considerate? (You won't lose credit for the assignment if you don't
    think it is, but this is an opportunity to evaluate your behavior
    and correct it.)

  • 5) Could constant cell phone usage during work be considered "stealing"
    company time, as it is handling possible frivolous personal
    information during work hours?

  • 6) What are your thoughts on texting and driving? We all know it is
    dangerous, but it still occurs. How do you think it should be
    regulated? Or should it? If it's not regulated, what should the
    penalties be for doing something so dangerous?