Asst. 2 - Mandatory




Hello! The purpose of this assignment is to get to know you,
and for you to share about the work that you are currently doing
and what you would like to be doing. Please answwer each question
below in full sentences with correct grammar and punctuation. The
answers don't necessarily have to be long, but they do need to be
accurate. Part of the WBL curriculum is to teach you skills that
you will use when entering the workforce, one of which is clarity
and accuracy in communication.

For example, you will not get credit for Question 1 if you just type
in your age. You need
a sentence, so something like "I am ______ years old." is what your
answer should look
like. we go...

  • 1) How old are you?
  • 2) How long have you been working where you work now?
  • 3) Do you have any another work experience? If so, where have you
    worked and what have you done?

  • 4) Most people take this class because they need high school credit.
    That's great, but what do you plan to do when you graduate?

  • 5) Write a paragraph explaining where you want to in your life in ten
    years. Explain what kind of job you will have, and where you expect
    to be living. Realistically, how much money do you expect to be
    earning? (A paragraph consists of 5-6 sentences)