Asst. 7 - Social Media




The internet has changed the way people interact. There are many
forums to interact with others; these forums are called Social
Media. Some examples of commonly used social media applications are
Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Myspace, and Google+. These apps are
used to keep people connected by a series of electronic postings.

However, there may be an unexpected downside to having all of your
information available on the web. Copy and paste the links below
into your browser window, read both articles and then answer the
questions that follow.

College Perspective -

Employer Perspective-

  • 1) Why should your social media accounts be private or accessible only
    to a limited audience, like friends and family?

  • 2) Why is it considered irresponsible to write negative things about
    other people online?

  • 3) What are some concerns that you should have when posting pictures

  • 4) By becoming a fan of an online app or college, what information are
    you making available to them?

  • 5) Is it legal for potential employers to research information about
    you on the internet?

  • 6) What does the company "Social Intelligence" do? (Google it)
  • 7) Go to Google and search for yourself. Check both the normal search
    results and Google images. Are you surprised at what comes up?