Asst. 9 - Dress for Success




1) Copy and paste this link into your browser.

2) Read the short article excerpted from Forbes magazine.

3) Click through the slide show "Click Here for Seven Things You
Need to Know About Dressing for the Office".

4) Answer the questions below with at least 3 sentences each.

  • 1) What does the phrase "Presentation Counts" mean?
  • 2) Explain what is meant by the phrase "Casual doesn't mean slovenly".
    Include an example of neat, casual attire for both male and female
    student employees.

  • 3) Explain what is meant by the phrase "Dress as you want to be seen".
    Include an example of appropriate attire at your current job.

  • 4) What do you think is meant by the phrase "Overcoming a bad first
    impression is as difficult as unringing a bell."

  • 5) "Appearance creates credibility." Do you agree or disagree with
    this statement? Why do you feel this way?

  • 6) BONUS: Are flip flops ever appropriate attire for work?