Asst. 10 - Job Applications

Job Applications - Getting It Right the First Time!!

What color pen should you use?  What salary should you request?  What if 
you've been fired from another job?  Click on this link to read all about 
the "do's and don'ts" of filling out an application.

Great site from the Employment Development Department of the 
State of California.
How To Properly Complete A Job Application - MUST READ

eHow explanation for completing an application.
More Information on Applications

Watch to see and hear what a prospective employer looks for...
Video On Filling Out An Application

When You Are Done..(the Assignment)

Go to the following site and print an application for a job that matches 
your experience and interests.  Print and fill out the job application 
completely.   Hand the printed copy to your coordinator. If you have trouble 
downloading an application, please see Mrs. Williams for a job application.