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Remind101:  Parents and students can sign up by text message or e-mail to 
receive reminders of due dates for assignments by entering the following 
phone number in the Address Box:
   and in the Subject Box entering the Code for the student's class period:
             Period 1 Code to Enter is  @mrsjarem 


Mrs. M. Jarem, English 10R and English 12R: College Prep for 2013-
Grade Policy: 40% Weekly Score based on in-class, group and independent 
Grade includes cooperation, work ethic, participation in activities, short 
practice, short check of progress and understanding of topics. An absent 
student is not penalized. 

5 DAYS ONLY - Students lose up to 10 points per day when an assignment is 
late.  After 5 days work can only recieve a minimum passing IF the work is 
correctly done.

When absent, work and taking any tests missed are expected the next day.  
Students who leave school early or who arrive late, thus missing their class 
period, are expected to turn in their work during that day, and their work 
will be considered late if part of the school day was missed. 
Discipline Policy:  Any infringement of School Policy and rules in the 
Student Handbook will result in a written referral with phone call or e-mail 
to respective parent/guardian.  

If a student is verbally or physically aggressive without an attempt to 
regain self-control, ejection from class may result.  The stduent is expected 
to report to the teacher at the end of THAT DAY to make up work missed. Also, 
a referral, contact with families and possible detention may be enacted.

Verbal warning is given for but not limited to offenses such as 
distracting behavior, use of inappropriate language, checking phones or 
visibility of any electronic devices, and verbal outbursts. In the case of 
repeated offense, the student is asked to come after school the same day to 
talk out both sides of the event. Depending on substance of conference and 
future behavior goals, only a record of the event is maintained by the 
teacher.  In the event of an unsatisfactory meeting, parent or guardian will 
be phoned during that conference and/or a written statement issued.  In cases 
where the student doesn’t show up at the end of the day,there is a call home, 
written record and detention.

In-class procedures and policies:
1-No electronics out, on or in use from bell-to-bell.
2-Only one person out of their seat at a time.
3-5 bathroom/ fountain/locker passes per Marking Period (We aim for 
this goal; exceptions and special circumstances are allowed.)
4-Student may borrow a pen/pencil from the tissue/hand sanitizer station as 
they enter the room
5-Students are expected to be especially aware of the presence of 
visitors by not talking and avoiding any distracting behaviors. 
6-Tardiness = Teacher detention after 3 or if 2 are accrued in a row.
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English 10R 
English 12R: College Prep   


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