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Your nutrition team will consist of 4 experts.

Needs Analysis Team
1. Exercise Physiologist - You are to research about 
the physical demands of the sport.  For example: Is it anerobic, aerobic, 
both? What energy systems are used?  What kind of exercises whould they do? 
Do all the athletes on the team have the same physical demands/do they vary 
position to position?

2. Special Needs Nutritionist - You are to research 
about the special needs of athletes.  Examples may be athletes who are 
diabetic, have food allergies, may be vegetarians, have celiac disease, 
lactose intolerant, are overweight/underweight etc.

3.  Scientific Nutritionist - You need to gather 
information about athletes caloric requirments, the nutritional information 
on the foods you will use to feed your team (calories, food labels/carbs, 
protein, fat, fiber, water, vitamins, minerals...), and special needs of 
those athletes who need to lose weight/gain weight.

4. Marketing Department/Publicist - You have 3 main 
jobs to do.  First, you are to to design and distribute information 
brochures to hand out to your athletes.  Second, you also will design 
posterboards to hang up in the cafeteria that contain useful dietary 
information.  Finally, you will design individual nutrition tracking cards 
(include daily & weekly)for the athletes to keep track of and evaluate their 
meal choices with the nutrition staff.   

After you have completed your needs analysis, your group will design a meal 
plan for your sports team.

1. Design a multimedia presentation to give to your sports team.
2. Design an 1- off-season & in-season meal plan; 2- pre-contest nutritional 
program; 3- Sample menus for your athletes for their meals.
3. Design both a resource guide and an educational pamphlet for your team.
4. Design evaluation tools to improve the program.

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