Exercise Expert

Strength & Conditioning Coach

As the exercise physiologist of the program, you are responsible for the 
physical well being of your team and organization.  You have to know about 
the different types of training and exercise, both aerobic & anaerobic, and 
what their food and energy demands are. What kind of exercises should they 
do and WHY?  You should also know that the different athletes and position 
requirements may require different things. They will be better athletes if 
they have better nutrition programs.  How does their body work? What are 
their needs to be fueled properly?  How do you feed your athletes when they 
are traveling to away contests?  That is your job.  What do they need?  
Design and develop a pre-contest eating plan/meal.  You can use the 
nutritionist web links to help you with the pre-contest meal ideas.
Give ideas on how an athlete should eat/what they need to do when they are 

Exercise Links

National Strength and Conditioning Association

Pure Power Magazine

American College of Sports Medicine

Sports Institute of Northern Ireland

Queensland Academy of Sport

Sports Specific Training Info

Sports Science Information for Coaches.  This is from one of the top sports 
scientist researchers in the world.

Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning.  This is by a world renowned strength 
and conditioning coach.

This is the website of a world renowned strength and conditioning coach.  He
has specialties in track and field.  One of the "gurus" of the industry.

The Chek Institute is by a world renowned strength and conditioning 
specialists.  One of the "gurus" of the industry.

Good site for project.  Many good articles to use.

The New Food Pyramid - has a lot of useful info for food sources, etc.

Excellent Link for Exercise & Nutrition