Nutrition Specialist

Special Needs Assignment

No two athletes are exactly the same.  Some may be overweight, underweight, 
diabetic, are vegetarians, have food allergies like celiac disease or 
lactose intolerance and/or other conditions.  
Some athletes deal with a condition called "muscle dysmorphia".  
Pick a few special situations and research them.  
Ideas include: 
Diabetic athletes, Vegetarians, Lactose Intolerance, Celiac Disease/Gluten 
Allergy, Peanut Allergies, Anorexia/Bulemia (only if that applies to your 
chosen sport)etc. 
Your job is to understand how you can alter their meal plan and still give 
your athletes the proper nutrition that they need.  Learn about these 
conditions and how to feed these ahtletes with special needs.  Describe how 
you would alter the diets of these special populations and adjust their meal 
plans.  After your team has made menus for the athletes, show how you would 
change the menu and give alternatives for those athletes with these food 
allergies/special needs.

Internet Links

Nancy Clark is a registered dietician who specializes in feeding athletes.  
She has worked with many professional sports teams and athletes

This is Nancy Clark's web page that takes you to many useful links.

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