Scientific Nutrition

Team Nutritionist Assignment

You need to gather information about athletes caloric requirments, the
nutritional information on the foods you will use to feed your team 
(calories, food labels/carbs, protein, fat, fiber, water, vitamins, 
minerals...), and special needs of those athletes who need to lose 
weight/gain weight.  How many calories do your athletes need every day?  Are
there different requirements for different athletes/position players?  What
are the best sources of energy for them?  What should they eat after a
workout?  What should they eat before contests?
Make a sample meal plan/menu for your athletes that includes breakfast, 
lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Internet Links

Gatorade Sports Science Institute

Nancy Clark is a registered dietician who specializes in feeding athletes. 
She has written many books, lectures at many conferences, and has worked with
many professional sports teams and athletes.

This is Nancy Clark's web page that takes you to many useful links.

Sports Nutrition from Australia

Ask the dietitian

The US gov't food and nutrition information center.

International Society of Sports Nutrition

University of Massachusetts Center for Nutrition in Sport and Human 

NISMAT Sports Nutrition Corner

University of Illinois Sports and Nutrition

Northwestern University - nutrition.  Good site.

Sodexho - Balance Mind, Body and Soul

Harvard University Health & Nutrition Information

Harvard University Health Newsletter Publication

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Athletes & Protein

University of Montana - Sports Nutrition

Worlds Healthiest Foods

Mayo Clinic - Good Site

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University of Wisconsin - Stout

University of Wisconsin - Stout (nutrition)

Sports Nutrition - Carbohydrates

Nutrition for Winter Sports Athletes

Dr.Weil, MD - Good Site

William & Mary College - Sports Nutrition

Good site for project

The New Food Pyramid - good site for finding nutritent sources.

Other Resources