Marketing Dept.

Publicist / Marketing Director

You have 3 main jobs to do.  First, you are to to design and distribute 
information brochures (publication/newsletter) to hand out to your 
athletes.  These brochures should have good information that you think would 
be very important for an athlete to have.  Ideas may include general 
nutritional information, training tips, drugs such as alcohol and thier 
effect on athletic performance, steriods, etc.
Second, you also will design posterboards to hang up in the cafeteria that 
contain useful dietary information.  Like the brochures, have information 
that you think would be important and useful for your athletes to know. 
Finally, you will design individual nutrition tracking cards (include daily 
& weekly) for the athletes to keep track of and evaluate their meal choices 
with the nutrition staff.  This way they can keep track of the things they 
eat and know if they are following their meal plans.
The information that you put on your brochures and posterboard(s) is 
entirely up to you.  Think about what things you want to teach your athletes 
and educate them!  Below is many useful links for information you can use.

Internet Links

Ideas for nutrition brochures

Athletes fuel up for fitness brochure example

Nutrition for Athletes - tips

American Dietetic Association

Web Dietitian

Colorado State University - Nutrition for the Athlete

Northwestern University - Nutrition.  Good site.

Ithaca College dining services.  Has good links.

Sodexho - Balance Mind, Body and Soul

The new updated food pyramid

Cool Exercise Animations

Some animation's to help spruce things up

American College of Sports Medicine � Position Stand on the Use of Alcohol 
in Sports

William & Mary College - Sports Nutrition

Nancy Clark, RD - Alcohol & Sports

Drugs & Sports Information

Sports Nutrition Myths

Other Resources