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September 13, 2016

Dear Parents,

Another great beginning of the school year is upon us.  New students, new routines and fresh smiling faces breathe new life into our September.

I have had the pleasure to meet a few parents on opening day.  Additionally, a few parents have already emailed me and sent me notes.  It is great to communicate with everyone.  I ask that you maintain and open line of communication.  The agenda is one such tool to utilize.  Email is another tool that I utilize daily.

As you are aware, the students are responsible for recording their homework in their agenda.  That agenda is pretty much the "life line" of parent-teacher communication.   Parents are free to write notes to me using the agenda.   I check it daily.  My only request is that parents sign  or initial the agenda daily each evening. Simply check your child's homework and then initial that you saw it.  If your child does not complete the homework, a note stating that should be recorded in the agenda.

I will ask parents to feel free to contact me should you have any questions.   I will see you on Parents' Night on September 22.

Mr. Blanchet