October 13, 2016

Dear Parents,

We are moving right along with the curriculum.  By now, students should have settled into a routine.  

Some questions may come up about our spelling, math, science  and social studies program.  These programs center around a specific curriculum.  I have listed below each course and a few expectations for each.  

I will send out informal progress reports next week.  These reports will reflect the current grade ranges in each subject.  Keep an eye out for it within the next two weeks.


Students are taking a formal spelling program.  They have been immersed in a phonics program with Ms. Ford.  This program is Fundations.  Students do take a test each Friday.  The test questions focus on spelling words and marking them correctly.  These words are taken from phonics lessons that week.  If students pay close attention in class and participate fully, they should do well.

social studies:

Social studies is taken from a model NYS curriculum.  The units begin with geography, government and culture in the US.  Then students use that information and compare those with cultures, governments, and geography found in three other countries around the world.


Science commences in two weeks.  Science and social studies instruction is split into 6-7 week  units.


We utilize a Pearson instructional series called Envisions.  The student s have bee using this series since they first arrived at Menands.  There are fifteen topics we will address this year.  Students are given Quick Check quizzes twice a week to check progress.

Please note that there is one important dates coming up.  That date is October 20.  On that day, school pictures are taken.  There is also a Menands Police Department Open House in the evening for children.

Mr. Blanchet

Mr. Blanchet