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January 12, 2015

Hello Parents!

Happy New Year!   We are off to a great start to our new year with the addition of a simple machines project that is due on Tuesday, January 20.  The project has three components.  The first responsibility is to create an invention that uses three different simple machines.  The second responsibility has students completing a written report of their project.  And lastly, students will be required to present their project to the class (5 minutes).  Students will need to complete these tasks at home.  I will model a aritten report for them in class should they have any questions.
We are continuing our multiplication unit and will probably finish up the unit itself next week.  We will continue to have multiplication quizzes daily through January though.
In science, we will begin our unit studying rocks and minerals.  This unit will be a month long unit.  Then we will commence a social studies unit.
In reading, we are reading Balto and the Great Race and Stone Fox.  These units will continue until the second week in January.

Mr. Blanchet