May 23, 2017

Dear Parents,

The end of the year is closing on us.  With the ending comes testing.  This testing includes NWEA local assessments and benchmarking in reading.  You will probably hear those terms used by your children.

Now personally, I do not make a "big deal" with the kids when I mention these assessments.  The honest truth is is that their performance on these assessments are based on a culmination of skills and learning in the last few years.  How they do on these assessments are based totally on how much effort they put into it.  A child who decides to take their time and focus on the questions tend to do much better than the child whose intent is to finish.  So I ask you to simply remind your child to do their best on everything they do. This "best" not only allows us to get a fuller picture of your child as a learner, it also provides you with piece of mind. Those reminders make the biggest difference.  

Our current science unit on plants is rolling along pretty well.  Incorporated in this unit is a mini unit on honeybees.  I can certainly thank my father, who owned 8-10 hives, for providing me with the practice in beekeeping.  Who would have ever thought the bee stings I acquired while assisting him collecting honey would serve as marks of tremendous pride.

Our social studies unit on China ends the first week in June.  Then we do a unit on Brazil.  The kids enjoy comparing the cultures.

Lastly, we will be finishing up our reading units with a Breakfast Biography.  The children will enjoy reading about their favorite people and designing a breakfast cereal after them.

All is good in third grade.  We had a great year, challenged ourselves, and grew as learners.  

Yours in education,

Mr. Blanchet