About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Marinstein

SCHOOL: Menands School

CLASS: First Grade

SCHOOL PHONE: 465-4561 ext. 154

Meet Mrs. Marinstein

Mrs. Marinstein has been teaching at Menands School since 1988. She has taught
1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades over the course of her teaching career. 
Mrs. Marinstein enjoys teaching and guiding her students to learn and to
become respectable and responsible individuals. She also loves to have fun and
laugh with her students!
Mrs. Marinstein is the proud mom of David and Jessica.

Mission For The Class

First graders will...
     ... be responsible for assignments and materials at 
         school and at home.
     ... manage and use time appropriately.
     ... communicate with adults and peers in a positive manner.
     ... be organized.
     ... be active and involved learners.
     ... ask questions.
     ... have fun!
     ... be proud of themselves!