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Dear Boys and Girls,

  You all did a fabulous job on Earth Day!

                                   Ms. Lees


  • VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER: Bring Recorders on Wednesdays for Music!
  • Practice those multiplication tables with your children! It will truly help them.
  • Please check and see if your child needs pencils and small Expo Markers. Thank you!
  • There is now a direct link to Google Classroom, right under Teacher Web Pages on the Otisville home page!
  • Please check to see that your children are reading and completing their homework before signing their planners.

        Ms. Lees  :)

  •       llees@minisink.com
          355-5100  ext.8040

               Scholastic Book Clubs Online Ordering is ready to go!
  • User Name: FourthClass/Password: minisink-Your Activation Code when registering is: HFDW3

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