About Your PTA

Schools:  Hawthorne and Columbus Elementary Schools

The Power of Association – The PTA Difference

  • Here in PTA, we like to share different perspectives, experiences, and
  • Our passion for our children brought us together today. As PTA members, we
    want what’s best for our children and their school experience—that’s our
    common ground.
  • And we enrich our organization and the work we do through our differences
    and the diversity of ideas we bring.  The fact that we all have something
    unique to bring to PTA—well, that’s the power of our association. That’s the
    PTA difference. 

Power of PTA

  • Research shows that schools with well-structured, consistent parent
    involvement programs—like PTA—are more likely to experience profound benefits
    for parents, students, teachers, and overall school quality.
  • It’s a fact that when parents are involved, their children do better in

Who Makes up PTA?

  • Here at Mt. Pleasant Elementary, our PTA is made up of people just like you
    – energetic and caring parents.
  • But it’s much more than that.  We also gather strength and support from:
  • Dedicated teachers and school administrators, also generous sponsors and
  • PTA is a great way to get involved with other like-minded adults and influence
    what’s going on in the school.

PTA Keeps You Informed

  • PTA connects you with what’s happening at school, and with like-minded
    people, too. You’ll get to meet and work with the parents of your children’s
    classmates and friends, with other parents you wouldn't otherwise meet, with
    teachers, and with school personnel.
  • PTA helps open doors to information about school decisions that can affect
    your child’s school experience. Such as, what programs will get funded this
    year or what cuts are possibly going to be made?

PTA Gives You A Voice

  • But PTA is not just an information source.
  • Through PTA, you also influence what’s going on here in our school. 
  • Only PTA members have a vote and can decide what PTA events and projects
    we’ll fund here at our school.
  • Plus, when school board or district level decisions are being made, PTA is
    there as the parent voice to speak up and take action on important school and
    community issues.
  • When you joined our PTA, you also became a member of our state PTA and
    National PTA. Your voice is magnified as it combines with the voices of
    6 million other parents and teachers who also care about children.

Our PTA’s Top Accomplishments

  • PTA’s first priority is to help more parents get involved in our school
    because it benefits the whole school. 
  • But we also work to help the teachers, school personnel, and the students
    themselves, by funding and conducting special projects and events throughout
    the year.