Exploring Viewpoints of the American Revolution- Ms. Fortin

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To complete this Webquest, go through the following steps:

1.  Read assigned text chapters on "Life in the Colonies" and 
the "Road to Revolution."  Review the handout "British Acts" given in 

2.  Prior to conducting interviews, a historian or journalist must be 
knowledgeable about the individuals and the time period being 
discussed.  Conduct research on the Internet, at the library, or 
utilizing classroom resources to reveal the respective viewpoints 
(and supporting reasons for viewpoint) of the following three groups:

     The "American" Patriots
     The British Government (King or Parliament)
     The "Loyal" Colonists

Note:  You must utilize SIX sources and you must cite your sources in 
a bibliography according to the guidelines and examples presented in 

3.  Develop a minimum of 8 interview questions per viewpoint.  It IS 
acceptable for some questions to be utilized for more than one 

4.  Assume the role of Patriot, Loyalist and King or Parliament and 
answer your interview questions.  Complete your written transcript as 
you go.

5.  After hearing all sides of the issue, decide with which viewpoint 
you most agree.  Using your background info from #1 above, your own 
research, and interviews write a  250 word editorial (opinion based 
article, supported by facts).
6.  Your article is due on _________________________, typed.

7.  The final step is to share your viewpoint with the class during 
our class debate on _______________________________.  Everyone is 
expected to participate in our debate/discussion. You should be able 
to cite specific facts to support your viewpoint.

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