Top 10 '+1' Lessons

  Top 10 +1 Lessons Learned as a Varsity Athlete
By Kira Martin June 2014

# ‘+1”	Challenge yourself—when  you think you are operating at 100%, push  
yourself harder and see what your 100% really is.

#10	Never underestimate yourself or a teammate.  You don’t know what you’re
capable of until you try.

#9	Every teammate has something to offer.  If you don’t see it, you’re not
looking hard enough.

#8	Don’t try to keep your cleats smelling nice.  It’ll never happen, just
shove them back in the locker and close the door.

#7	The toughest parts of training are what make you stronger, not just
athletically but as a person as well. 

#6	Be ambitious, but don’t set a final goal, keep improving and enjoy the journey.

#5	Be open to all suggestions, even if they seem annoying, you don’t want to
miss out on any possible opportunity to improve.

#4	The stamina required to push yourself harder in sports does not translate
to the stamina required to stay up late finishing homework after a meet or game.

#3	Show respect for teammates and coaches.  Be assertive, stand up for
yourself and others, but do it in a respectful way.

#2	Training can go beyond practices, everything helps no matter how
insignificant it may seem.  Pull-ups before bed, or watching videos of
yourself and analyzing mistakes while waiting for a ride or a class to start,
all contribute to success.

#1	Treat your teammates well, and not just on our individual teams.  Our team
is really our entire student body…the North Shore Vikings.  Just like we show
respect for our teammates on the field, we have to remember to show respect to
everyone at school.

	We need to notice teammates, who might be having a tough time and need some
support or encouragement. We also need to look for our peers who might be
having a hard time, the kids who are often alone or excluded from things.  We,
as school athletes, have a lot going for us.  We have the support of our
teams, our coaches, our families.  We know how to push through the tough times
and the perspective to know thing will turn around.

	We have an obligation to spread some of what we have around to others.  Just
saying ‘what’s up’, or giving a smile to someone can really make a difference
in someone’s day.  It’s easy to stay in our own groups and comfort zones, but
there are lots of unhappy people out there.  We need to be thankful for our
gifts…and pay it forward.