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For Kindergarten Parents...

MATH: Please practice oral rote counting with your child as often as possible.  
Practice counting from 0-20 and move on to count from 0-50 and eventually 0-100.  When your child is proficient at this, give them a number and have them start to count by 1s from a number other than 1 (ex: start at 23 and count on).  Then, have your child count backwards from 20-0.  You can also practice counting by 10s from 0-100.

Use math number flashcards to have your child practice quick number recognition, putting the numbers 0-20 in order and identifying each number by name.  Once your child has put the number flashcards in order, have them point to the number that is more or less/greater than or less than a given number you dictate.  Your child should respond using the math vocabulary " 6 is less than 8" etc.    

FUNDATIONS: Use the Fundations sound chart to review the letter names and sounds with your child every night.  Say a sound, have your child repeat the sound and point to the letter that makes that sound.  Point to letters on the chart in random order and have your child give the sound for that letter.  Be sure to work in an unpredictable manner. 

We have been practicing tapping (sounding out/stretching out) words with up to three sounds.  Segmenting sounds is a strategy for decoding unknown words in a book, as well as a strategy to "stretch out" and use inventive spelling, in writing.  Please practice this strategy at home with your child.  Give your child a word with three sounds (ex: lip) and have them tap it out and blend it (ex: /l/ /i/ /p/-->lip).

Continue to read aloud (and re-read) stories to your child.  You can discuss the characters in the stories you read as well as the problem and solution. Discuss what happens in the beginning, middle and end of the story. For nonfiction texts, ask your child to tell you what they learned. 

Phonemic awareness is a critical pre-reading skill and the ability to rhyme, identify the initial and final sounds in words are just a part of developing solid phonemic awareness.  Phonemic awareness can be taught and must be practiced.  It is done auditorily and needs no learning materials!  

Fundations Concepts:
Sample Words to Practice Concepts:  
Trick (sight) Words: 


For First Grade Parents...

Notes:  For extra practice with tapping and blending Fundations words, there are printable Fundations word cards by unit for you to print in the "First Grade Downloads".  Please review the sounds for all consonants, short vowels, digraphs, and glued sounds with your child every night. A sample NUMBER BOND template is in the "First Grade Downloads".

Fundations Unit  Concepts:

Sample Words to Practice Concepts:

Unit Trick (sight) Words:  

Review Trick Words: 

Chapter  Objectives:


Great website for free printable flash cards...

Kindergarten flash cards...
Numbers with words, Shapes, Alphabet (upper/lower case match up), Count the dots match the number.

First Grade flash cards... 
Numbers 0-100, 
Numbers with words 0-100, 
Money (coin combinations), 
Place value, 
Telling time.

Great online game sites:
A great site that monitors your child's progress. 
It offers a 30 day free trial and has reasonable rates for a home subscription if you choose to purchase.