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Welcome Back to IB Biology HL II 2016!

Information and assignments are on iTunes U at "IB Biology HL II" with the enroll code DBJ-CHT-JFB.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at chenj@northshoreschools.org

The following North Shore policies will be strictly enforced in my IB Biology class:

Academic Integrity: All work completed in, or submitted for, this course must adhere to conditions articulated in the North Shore High School Academic Integrity policy. Cheating, plagiarism, and other forms of academic dishonesty will be subject to the consequences articulated in the Academic Integrity policy, including but not limited to: loss of credit for the assignment, notification to National Honor Society, and disciplinary consequences including suspension. Repeat offenses will face an escalation in consequences as stipulated in the Academic Integrity policy.

FOR IB DIPLOMA CANDIDATES: "All coursework -- including work submitted for assessment -- is to be authentic, based on the student's individual and original ideas with the ideas and work of others fully acknowledged.  Assessment tasks that require teachers to provide guidance to students or that require students to work collaboratively must be completed in full compliance with the detailed guidelines provide by the IB for the relevant subjects.... A candidate's failure to acknowledge a source will be investigated by the IB as a potential breach of regulations that may result in a penalty imposed by the IB final award committee." - IB Biology Guide, First Assessment 2016, pp.4-5

A violation of academic integrity can result in the loss of candidacy for the IB Diploma.


Cell phones: Cell phones, iPods, and other personal, non-school i0ssued electronic devices are not permitted in areas other than the cafeteria or courtyard. This is an academic environment and these devices must be turned off and out of sight in all hallways and classroom spaces including the theatre, library, and gymnasium. Devices may be confiscated and turned in to an Assistant Principal. For repeated offenses, the device may retained until it can be picked up by a parent.

Check out this Prezi on PLAGIARISM


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