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Contacting the Department

You will find it helpful to follow the guidelines below when you have questions, concerns or requests pertaining to the special education program. (The contact information for the school district personnel indicated below is provided in the "Personnel Contact Information" tab of this website).

Request for Evaluation: If your child is not currently a special education student and you would like to request an initial special education evaluation, please call the psychologist in the building that your child attends or Ms. Liberstein for pre-school students. The psychologist will explain what options are available to help your child, including the procedures for making a referral.

Status of Initial Evaluation: The district is required to complete the evaluation and hold a Committee meeting to present the evaluation results and determine eligibility for special education classification and program within 60 days of the district’s receipt of parental consent to evaluate. If your child has already been referred for an initial evaluation and you have questions about the status of the evaluation, please contact the psychologist in your child’s school.

CSE or Subcommittee Meeting Scheduling: If you have questions about the scheduling of a meeting or if you would like to request a meeting, please contact the psychologist in your child’s school.

Case Management: If your child is currently a classified student and you have questions or concerns about his or her IEP, special education services or current educational progress, please be aware that a case manager (typically a special education teacher or related service provider) will be assigned to your child. The name of this case manager will be communicated to you at the beginning of the school year. However, please also be aware that the psychologist in your child’s school can tell you who your child’s special education case manager is.

NOTE: If you do not receive a response to any inquiry within 24 hours, please contact the Assistant Director of Special Education assigned to your child’s school. If you continue to have questions or concerns, please contact the Director of Special Education at (516) 277-7900.

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