The Speech and Language staff here at North Shore are excited to be working with our students.  Please use this site to gather ideas for activities you could do at home with your child to help enrich their language learning. Also, there are links up on the left hand side of your screen that will bring you to resources you may find useful to further your own knowledge about any questions you may have regarding diagnosis, treatments, support groups, etc.!  

Extra help sessions will be offered by your child's Speech/Language Pathologist. We will focus on vocabulary skills. We will be working in 6 week cycles, dependent on grade.  Each grade will be offered extra help once a week in their designated cycle by their service provider. If you are interested, please contact your child's speech therapist to verify their specific days and times. The cycles are as follows:

Elementary School:
9/12-10/21 Kindergarten and First
10/24-12/2 Second and Third
12/05-1/20 Fourth and Fifth
1/23-3/3 Kindergarten and First
3/6-4/21 Second and Third
4/24-6/2 Fourth and Fifth

Middle School:
Wednesdays 7:30-8 (Speech office)
High School:
Thursdays 7:30-8 (Room H5)
Middle and High School students will be working on vocabulary and language related to the academic curriculum.  Bring your materials from class.

Glen Head Elementary

Mrs. Sandra Maciel
Mrs. Janet Wallick

516 277-7700 maciels@northshoreschools.org
Glenwood Landing Elementary Mrs. Robyn Geigle
Mrs. Jennifer Perrotta
516 277-7600 geigler@northshoreschools.org
Sea Cliff Elementary Ms. Lauren Langenbach (Benzoni)
Mrs. Karin Demeo

516 277-7500langenbachl@northshoreschools.org

NS Middle/High School
Mrs. Carmela Raguso

516 277-7300 MS/HS
516 277-7000 MS/HS