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The President will evaluate your recommendations based on the White Paper 
that you prepare.  Below is the criteria for your white paper:
                             HISTORY: 10 points 
                                          It is important that you provide
                                          a complete history of WARTIME
                                          DISSENT because the President would
                                          like to know how other Presidents
                                          have dealt with it.

                             DISCUSSION OF PROS AND CONS: 20 points
                                          It is important that you outline
                                          all of the positives and 
                                          negatives about how WARTIME 
                                          DISSENT impacts the nation.

                             YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS: 20 points
                                          Include your opinion on whether
                                          WARTIME DISSENT is good for the
                                          nation or bad for the nation.  The
                                          President insists that you support
                                          your argument with facts!!! FACTS!!
                                          AND MORE FACTS.  He is interested 
                                          in opinion only if it is supported
                                          with facts.

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